As my son loves playing baseball, I wanted to make sure that he would have the best batting helmet possible. We tried many but were able to come up with what we thought were the top 10 best batting helmets 2013 would supply. 

First on our list is the Easton Natural Grip Two Tone Batting Helmet was created with great aerodynamics so that there are several vents in the helmet to keep the head cool and dry. The soft comfort foam helps to provide it with a good secure fit and the shell is created of a high ABS for durability, strength and safety. 

Another quality batting helmet is the All Star BH3000 System Seven OSFA, it was created for comfort, protection and strength. The shell is high impact resistant ABS plastic. It offers several slots in the helmet to allow the players to stay cooler and the design helps to keep balls away from critical areas such as the cheek bones and even the back of the neck. 

Also making the list is the Diamond DBH-97M, one size will fit most and the helmet is light weight and has chin straps. It offers form fitting foam and also has air vents for cooling. The matte finish will help prevent reflection glare that may be harmful to other players on the field. 

Easton Two-Tone Natural Grip Senior Batting Helmet, Navy/White
Amazon Price: $39.99 $29.78 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 20, 2013)

The Mizuno MBH-100 Classic Batter Helmet is made durable with ABS plastic shell and also offers an impact resistance EPP liner. The antimicrobial dry lite liner is a great benefit to helping stay dry as well as to keep down some of the team germs that get passed around. My son said that this was a very comfortable helmet on his head as far as fit. 

Mizuno also offers the Mizuno MVP Fitted Batters Helmet that is available in sizes from small to extra large. The pre drilled holes allow for face guard attachment that offer great protection and the inner lining of the shell is made of durable EVA that will help deter any impacts to the head. To help manage the moisture and ventilation, there is Drilled padding in the helmet.  

The Nike 2 Tone also is a quality helmet that we were impressed with, it also has the ABS shell for durability and has the holes for the face guards to be attached. The DriFit wrap around foam offers added protection that is also comfortable. My son was very impressed with the way that this helmet felt on his head. 

On the top 10 best batting helmets 2013 would offer, we added the Rawlings CFABH Pro Style Coolflo, it offered 15 vented slots in the helmet to keep the player cooler and dryer. this is a sized helmet that can be purchased from a small to a XXL. It offers the ABS shell for the maximum protection as well as the dual density foam so that it fits more comfortably. 

Mizuno MVP Fitted Batter's Helmet, Black, Medium
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(price as of Jul 20, 2013)

We also choose to add the Under Armor Solid Matte UABH-100M, my son loved that it had a pony tail cut out in the back making it a great choice for both girls and boys. He was also impressed with the fact that the helmet offered a fabric cover that helped to keep away moisture. The vent ports were very large making it easy for air to circulate and it was very sturdy and durable. My son said he'd have no problem wearing the helmet. 

The Wilson WTA54011 is a Collegiate batting helmet with a mask, it is designed for the serious players as the triple layering in the helmet provides hard core protection. It is available in 5 different sizes so that each player has a comfortable fit and maximum protection is provided to the head by the molded padding. The holes for the chin strap as well as the mask are predrilled. My son loved this helmet and we even talked about with his coach. 

Last on our list of the top 10 best batting helmets 2013 would provide was the Worth WLBHA Liberty Away Helmet, we choose it to add to the list because of the high impact Polymer safety shell. The shell just seemed really solid. The bill on this helmet is reinforced with Alloy providing even more protection to the player. It has the predrilled holes for the Worth face guard as well as wicking material lining for even more comfort. 

Choosing a batting helmet that is safe is the most important detail, you want to make sure that a player has the best safety advantage possible while still remaining comfortable. 

Under Armour Matte Batting Helmet
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(price as of Jul 20, 2013)