With the top 10 best blush brush reviews 2013 is sure to bring light to just how important a good brush can be when applying makeup. Everyone should have a brush that lights up their face naturally and brings out their inner confidence. 

Ecotools Blush Brush

Two great feature of Ecotools Blush Brush is the no shed technology and easy application. Blush is extremely easy to apply and spreads very smoothly. The brush does hold onto some product so you will want to clean it at least once a week to keep the same smooth coating of blush.

Revlon Blush Brush

The benefit to this brush is the brush itself. The brush is probably top three in softness. It is great for sensitive skin. The down side to the brush is the handle. The handle is comfortable in your hands but is too long for small makeup bags. You will have to leave it at home or have a larger bag to make space.

Bare Escentuals Flawless Application Face Brush

The brush any seem a little pricey but it will last several years of daily use. As long as you occasionally clean the brush it should stay soft. If you like more blended look add the Kabuki brush to your collection both Bare Escentual products complement each other very well. They are also suited for people with rosacea or extremely sensitive skin.

e.l.f. Studio 84011 Blush Brush

Don’t be nervous about the point to this brush. The brush is well constructed, holds its shape and does not shed. If you are the type of person who is looking for a more contouring under the check as apposed to dense high powder checks this is the brush for you.

Maybelline New York Expert Tools

Maybelline’s Expert Tools line is designed to be easy to use. They were looking for the average Jane to feel comfortable with using their brush. They hit their mark with this brush. Soft sweeping circles will give you an outstanding look.

Bare Escentuals Tapered Blush Brush

A great feature to the brush is its size. The brush is just large enough to do the job without over coverage. It is also small enough to put the color right where you want it. This makes it perfect for those who are experimenting with their makeup routine. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques makes a real large brush. You will have to play with the brush placement, and maneuvering to get the look you are going for. It is a bit of work but the brush blends awesomely and is worth the time it takes to perfect as well as its price tag.

Brown Profession Studio Make up Loose Powder Blush Brush

Brown Profession Studio Make up Loose Powder Blush Brush is allergic free!  It is made with high quality nylon making it perfect for all skin types. It is also a great size making it portable. As long as you keep it clean you can use the brush for both powder and blush.

Precision Blush Face Antibacterial Makeup Brush #960

Finding an affordable brush with great results is hard to find. These brushes are soft yet strong at the same time. This helps to apply the makeup evenly and gives you a great finish look. For the price it cannot be beat

Smashbox Cosmetics Smashbox Cosmetics Brush

For a non-synthetic brush the price is very good. You will never need to worry about getting too much on your face as the brush applies very smoothly. You will always have a natural look even if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.