With summer coming in fast, that means barbecues and the beach. Thinking you can secure a nice tan with nothing but the good ol’ sun to bless your skin? You would be wrong to think so because there is so much more to a good tan than catching some sun. Think you’re one step ahead of me with a favorite tanning booth in mind? Think again. No matter where you get your rays from, you aren’t getting anywhere without a trusted bronzer. So I bring you top 10 bronzers reviews 2012!

One Hot Minute

Just like the name suggests, this bronzer will give you a hot, solid tan in just one minute. Why drive yourself crazy cooking in the sun when you can enlist this bronzer to get you smoking… and in the good way! I recommend this to all the women in the office – and even some of the men!

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

While the rest of the world was into pale and frail women, the ancient Greeks made their paintings and sculptures of curvy, voluptuous women who worked hard in the sun and, as you can imagine, got quite a tan. So come on – embody that glorious Greek goddess and command today’s artists to paint you into history!


Coming to you from Urban Decay (don’t let the name fool you – there’s no decay here), this bronzing powder works wonders to give your skin a youthful, fabulous shimmer. Don’t allow yourself to be fried in the sun – there’s no shame in settling for being half-baked! Use with caution, because it’ll surely make you a knock-out.

Nars Bronzing Powder

One of the greatest things about bronzers is liberating you from paleness during winter without forcing you into a tanning bed. But let’s get real: nobody’s falling for a solid brown tan in the middle of January. When the season calls for a natural look, call upon Nars bronzing powder to get you there.

Rimmel's Natural Bronzer

Some bronzers make your skin look darker and greasy, and that’s just not the look you’re going for. (Well, at least I hope it’s not. Jersey Shore is just a show, guys!) To give your skin a natural tone and some much needed hydration, go with Rimmel’s natural bronzer. You won’t be sorry; your skin will thank you for it.

Rimmel's Shimmering Glow Bronzer

Just like with their natural bronzer, Rimmel demonstrates their mastery of bronzers with shimmering glow bronzer. This simple bronzer leaves an even color to fit your complexion.

Clinique's Almost Bronzer

If you’re not sold on the brand name alone, Clinique will surely captivate you with its modestly named, reliable bronzer. Cutely named “Almost Bronzer,” this duo kit gives you a natural looking shine. And if that’s still not enough, this bronzer kit contains SPF 15 protection. Not only can you look sun kissed, but you can keep the sun from frenching you a little too much and burning you!

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Don’t let associations with Whitney Houston keep you away from this valuable go-to bronzing powder. With several shades to accommodate any complexion, fairer women can find sanctuary with Bobbi Brown bronzing powder.

Mac Foundation Bronzing Powder

Just like a good hair highlight, this powder takes your color and turns it up to 11 (why should you settle for a perfect 10?). Rather than cake on a whole new color, with this you can fine-tune your skin to perfection… and a little bit beyond.

Dior Bronze Original Tan

So bronzers are all about giving the illusion of skin enhanced by healthy time in the sun – fine, fine. But what if you could have a bronzer that made your skin look healthier while actually making it healthier! Fashion and health have never looked so good together.