Top Rated Compound Bows

I wanted to find the 10 best compound bows that money could buy. I was looking for something that was easy to work with and that offered great quality. I naturally figured that the more accessories and qualities the bow had, the more expensive that it would be. 

Bowtech offers the Diamond Razor's Side Realtree Hardwood HD Camouflage series, this one really offers a lot of power even though that it has the look of a beginners bow. I found that it was a very accurate bow and that it was fast and available at an affordable price. The draw length is adjustable from 19 to 29 inches. 

Second on the list is the Bear Archery Omni Professional Player COmpound Bow. This is an Omni pro series that offers machine speed as well as a one cam system that is very precise. It has a draw length of 28 to 30 inches and from 60 to 70 pounds of draw weight. 

Martin Archery has the Threshold Adventure Series I found it very affordable and also very accurate. It provides a draw that is very smooth. This one only weighs about 4 pounds but can lunge an arrow 350 feet with ease. 

Another in the running for the best compound bow money can purcahse is the Bear Archery Emerge Ready Compound Bow, it is a smooth shooting bow. The whole system is quality. I found that hitting the target with consistency was an easy task. This bow is a lot lighter than most making it a good bow for lighter shooters. 

The Genesis 10926 Genesis Primary is a superior bow that offers the highest in bow technology. It is also very affordable considering its performance. 

Bear Archery Right Hand Brave 3 Bow Set (Black)
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(price as of Jul 14, 2013)

Good Beginner Bows

G5 Quest QS33 Bow is one of the quietest and lightest bows on the market. It has a draw length that is adjustable from 26 to 30 inches and a draw weight of 60 to 80 pounds. This is a bow that I found to be quality and to perform its job. 

Bear Archer also offers the Apprentice Compound Bow which I found great for the beginner or the bow shooter that is seasoned. With 13 draw length positions, it offers to be able to grow with its shooter. It weighs less than 3 pounds but don't let that trick you, I found it to shoot up to 265 feet with pin point accuracy. 

Martin Archery also has the Cheetah M2 Pro Accessory Package it's capable of shooting 320 feet per minute and is very effective. It has a draw length of 25 to 30 inches with a draw weight of 50 to 70 pounds. 

Also on my list for the best compound bow money can buy is the Diamond Stud Bow Wilderness Package which  I found to be one of the best values. It's like the bow that offers Champaign taste on a beer budget. It has a 25 to 30 inch adjustable draw length with a 70 pound draw weight that shot my arrow close to 318 feet. 

Last on the list of the best compound bow money can buy is the Precision Shooting Accessories Browning Verado Compound Ribbon and Bow. You'll be able to shoot right at 313 feet with it's 27 to 30 inch draw length with accuracy. 

Finding a great compound bow that will provide all of the accuracy that I was looking for was easy and finding a price that I felt was worthy was also easy. Any bow hunter will be able to find the bow that offers him or her all of the quality and performance that they are looking for. 

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow
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(price as of Jul 14, 2013)