Let’s face it: not everything in life is luxurious or high fashion. Every now and then – or every week for the more common of life’s things – you just gotta go for something that delivers the right results under a budget or according to availability. Yes, salon brand hair products may seem of higher quality, but a great deal of their prices come from the prestige of their name and where they’re sold. So let’s get real and recognize that “drugstore” and “quality” overlap more frequently than we imagine. It’s for this reason that I bring you my list of top 10 best drugstore eyeshadow reviews 2013!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow

When it comes to fashion, Estee Lauder seems to have its fingers in all the different pies. As your own self-appointed make-up artist, why shouldn’t you branch out and tap into their host of hundreds of great colors and textures? Don’t let the name intimidate you; you’d be surprised where you can find these products nowadays!

MAC Eye Shadow

Sometimes it’s good to refer to an accepted default, and MAC has earned the title for reliable and beautiful cosmetics. I’d trust it any day for lipstick, eyeliner, and – above all – its eyeshadow.

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

Are you a bit standoff-ish about cream shadow products because you worry about creating a crease where it didn’t previously exist? Well, quit it! Rest easy and worry no more because Clinique has commanded center stage for its cream shadow’s performance.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Black and blue are nice standard eyeshadow colors, but what are you – an abused wife? No! Make a statement of individuality and vitality with a shining silver or gold. When invited to a club or downtown nightlife event, I turn to Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow to announce my character to the city.

Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow

I can never convey the full value of popping colors except with two words: “Urban Decay.” If you don’t like drawing attention, you are better off seeking your eyeshadow elsewhere because Urban Decay knows how to draw a gaze!

Stila Convertible Eye Color

Unlike the traditional powder-like eyeshadow with a brush applicator, this particular product features eye pencils with which to draw on color.

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows

Specially selected with common eye colors in mind, CoverGirl Eye Enhancers are perfect for accentuating your blue, brown, green, hazel, or other-colored eyes. Even though my eye color shifts a bit on a regular basis, CoverGirl still has my back in making my eyes “pop” and grab attention.

Avon Big Color Eye Pencil

Just like Stila Convertible Eye Color, the Avon Big Color Eye Pencil takes a different approach to eyeshadow. If you ever find yourself tired of powder eyeshadow every day and in need of big color – and I assure you, you will be – look no further than this eye pencil.

Nars Duo Eye Shadow

When it comes to furniture, I often have to turn to sets that have been matched ahead of time. Otherwise, how will I have the good eye to see what goes together? For the longest time, the same went for eyeshadow shopping. Despite the fact that I’ve gotten the hang of putting together killer color combos, I still like to buy Nars Duo Eye Shadow to see what exciting combos they have designed to draw attention to my eyes!

Bare Escentuals Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow

Nothing ruins my day quite like sagging, flaking eye shadow. That’s why when it’s going to be a long day in the office or a long night on the town, I turn to Bare Escentuals for one of the longest lasting eyeshadows I’ve had the pleasure of buying.