While the news would like for us to think that we live in a gloom-and-doom world of obesity and poor health, plenty of people are now taking charge of their lives and getting into shape. To keep this moving, friends and family often give fitness-themed gifts.


Here are 10 of the best fitness gifts for women:

  1. A yoga mat. The great thing about yoga is that anyone can do it, no matter their capability. Give her a yoga mat, and she can make her own yoga program. Not only will this help her stay fit, but it will also create a calming atmosphere for peace of mind.
  2. The Shake Weight. We all know the goofy commercials. As ridiculous as this product seems, encourage her not to take herself so seriously. If she can’t stop laughing at the idea of using it, maybe she’ll have fun cracking jokes while toning.
  3. A jump rope. Nothing helps a grown woman feel energized like taking her back to her childhood. Jumping rope is fun while being an excellent cardio exercise.
  4. A gift card to a fitness clothing store. Hitting the gym in baggy old t-shirts and sweats just isn’t the way to go! Pitch in for a fitness clothes gift card and see her head out to the gym in style.
  5. A quality water bottle. Keeping hydrated is critical to fitness and health, so give her a high-performance water bottle that’s durable, clean, and convenient to carry.
  6. A season pass to a gym pool. Sometimes, people get sick of the same old treadmill and elliptical. Give her a season pass to a gym pool so she can cool off and have fun while working out without the sweat.
  7. A hiking trip. Plan a trip and take her to a state park or somewhere scenic to hike.
  8. Resistance bands. Gym membership can be costly these days, and buying different sets of personal free weights can be, too. A resistance band allows her to adjust lifting and pulling weight.
  9. A stop watch. Running often requires much more discipline than imagined. If this women is one to follow intervals of running for a certain amount of time and walking another amount, get her a stop watch to conveniently keep track.
  10. A pedometer. Walking is vital to fitness, so don’t let her forget how much work she’s doing just by walking! Get her a pedometer so doesn’t overwork herself to burn calories she already has by walking.