When considering the purchase of a good flat iron, I wanted an iron that was going to be good for my hair and that was going to last. I like everyone else want the best quality product that I can get at the best cost that I can get. I actually tested many but found the following to be the best out of those that i tested. I was able to build my list of the top 10 best flat irons to Buy 2012 could offer. 

The first on my list is the Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1. This flat iron has a 1 inch plate that left my hair smooth and soft. There were no signs of damage and that was a big plus. It also comes with a carry pouch and a 2 year warranty. I am a big fan of warranties, the longer the better I feel. 

I also liked the CHI Air Classic Tourmaline 1" Flat Iron, it comes in Onyx color and I found that once was enough with this iron. I didn't have to keep going back over my hair to give it the straight look that I was looking for. It also heated up quickly and I like that especially when I am in a hurry to get dressed and get out the door. 

Another great flat iron that I think earns the right to be one of the Top 10 best flat irons to buy 2012 offers is the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron with it's 1 and 1/4" plate. It offers no snagging or tangling and it also has a pouch for traveling. It works well on short hair as well as long hair and offers a 2 year warranty. This iron allows you to set your temperature setting for easy use. 

The Sedu Icon Styling Iron also is a great buy, it has a curved edge system that will help you have differently styling choices. The 1" ceramic plate allows for smooth hair with no snagging and the 3 year warranty was a real deal sealer. This iron also offered a controlled temperature setting with an automatic shut off and that I loved. Not having to wonder if you left the iron on after you've left home is a huge benefit. 

I favored the Salon Tech Silicone 450 flat iron too, it offers a 3 bar silicone technology plate that provides smooth and shiny hair. It heats up quickly and you can adjust the temperature with the temperature control device. 

Also on the Top 10 Best flat irons to buy 2012 will bring is the Hal ELite Nano XT1" Flat Iron this iron gave great results that were close to professional. It left my hair soft, smooth and straight. The silicone ball technology that this iron uses allows the plate to fluctuate to the hairs thickness and texture. If the iron is not used in 30 minutes, it will turn itself off which is an excellent feature. The three year warranty is sweet too. 

The T3 SinglePass Styling Iron's name says it all, in a single pass, my hair looked good and felt good. It was smooth and shiny and that was my goal. The beveled eges allow for being able to style with many options. 

Another of the top 10 best flat irons is the Solano Sleek Heat 450 with the 1 and 1/4" plate. It heats up in 60 seconds but has cool touch tips for safety. The 2 year warranty is also nice. 

Sultra the Seductress is also a quality iron that will allow you to straighten your hair or curl your hair with this one tool. Whichever you choose to do your hair will be smooth with no friz. It has a high gloss coating so that there is no dragging or snagging and it will automatically shut itself off. 

Last but not least on my list of the top 10 best flat irons is the Croc Premium Titanium Flat Iron, it sports a 1 and 1/2" plate that allows you to work faster using more hair. It offers 19 temperature settings and it too will automatically shut itself off after 30 minutes of no use. 

Choosing the flat iron that is perfect for you will be an easy choice with so many quality irons to choose from.