Finding the right volleyball can be a challenge. Many people do not even realize how much the ball vary from ball to ball and brand to brand. There are qualities that work better for kids than for Pro volleyball players. Likewise, there are features that are horrible for experience players but outstanding for those starting off.

So what are you supposed to look for? With the top 10 best indoor volleyball reviews 2012 can give you the best volleyball experience you have ever had. Choose your ball carefully and have a blast!

Tachikara SV5WSC Sensi-Tec Composite High Performance Volleyball

If you are looking for a volley ball for the Pros this is not for you. However, this is the perfect volleyball for beginner or recreational players. The volleyball is on the softer side so it does not give you that sting if you dig in hard for spikes or serves. Also, because of the skin it does not roll or slip when in your hand. It is just an all-around great ball for training.

Mikasa MVA330 2008 Club Version of Olympic Volleyball

Experienced Volleyball players will not be bothered by the firmness of this ball. You will notice a thud sound when you hit the ball and it will take flight with little effort. The ball is light weight and the seams do not protrude out at all.  All this makes for a great hitters ball!

Molten Super Touch Volleyball

The Super Touch comes in both men and women forms. The only difference between the two is the weight of the ball. The women’s ball is still pretty solid and would be considered light weight by any standard but the men’s is noticeably heavier. If you are playing co-ed volleyball game the women’s version will probably be the best ball on the market as it will suit both men and women. Another great feature is the volleyball being made out of genuine leather. It is a whole different feel from other brands that use more nylon and Nerf type products.

FIVB Official Size - Volleyball

This is great all-around midrange volleyball. It is firm enough for servers and spikers without being too hard for the digger’s arms which are very hard to find. The ball is very durable and a bit on the firm side. It is great for teenagers but not so great for backyard family night with the elementary age kids. 

Pro Tour Indoor Volleyball

Pro volleyballs tend to be hard. This is also the case for this volleyball. It would be good for experienced volleyball players who like a very firm ball. The average Joe will feel its sting with every pump, serve, or spike. Again, if you play a lot of volleyball these balls have great control, speed, and firmness. 


When they say light weight they really might light weight! This would be the perfect ball for family night. The price is pretty much unbeatable for the quality and durability of the product. The ball is very soft. Too soft for teens and experienced players but perfect for the little league type kids. If your preschooler is interested in the game you cannot find a better suited ball.

Tachikara TX5 Extreme Recreational Indoor/Outdoor Volleyball

There are so many choices to choose from. This can be a nice feature if you have multiple games going on at once or different activities in practice areas. There is nothing worse than getting comfortable with a ball to have it is unexpectedly changed on you. The ball is firm but it has a nice amount of cushion on it. It really should not leave any red marks or stings unless you are extremely aggressive. 

Mikasa MVA200 2008 Olympic Volleyball

This is an extreme hitter’s ball. It is super easy to pass, set, and hit. The ball floats and sets with so much ease you will hardly ever have a bad set.  It does not spike as great. Since the ball floats so well the speed in the spike is not there. Although the ball is not extremely hard there is not the typical cushion on the ball either. It seems odd but honestly there is no sting to the ball even with the lack of padding.

Tachikara Full Grain Leather VolleyBall

As solid choice for any budget, you will get a great practice ball for multiple levels of play. It holds its shape well and will leave no red marks on your arms. It gets good movement but I would not consider a hitter ball or a server ball. It is very much so a good ball for both. 

Molten V5M5000 Premium Competition Volleyball

If you use a light touch this ball is very wonderful. It has a great mix of soft materials and a great grip. If you hit the ball hard you lose some of the pop the light touch gives it. Once you find the sweet spot there will be no stopping you on the court.