Revlon matte lipstick is the best

While needing great matte lipstick, I choose to search for the best matte lipstick on the market. I tried many different brands and found that the following brands were the ones that I liked the best for my personal use and preferences. 

Revlon left my lips feeling moist and wet, there was no drag across my lips as I applied the lipstick and the color stayed on for hours. I even found that after eating and drinking that the lipstick looked freshly applied. 
Revlon offered a large selections of shades that I could choose from. 

NYX Matte Lipstick was very good as well, it has colors that are bright and brilliant. I put it on in the morning before leaving for work and I didn't even have to do a touch half way through my day. I liked the no gloss look that leaves my lips looking natural. 

The Visanti USA left my lips feeling hydrated and moist. I didn't have the urge to lick my lips as often as I do with some of the other lipsticks that I have used. I kept a close eye on my lips to watch for signs of cracking that I really hate but was pleased when I never saw any. 

Mac Lipstick provided me with the look of creamy and soft lips and I was really pleased with that. This lipstick offered no drying or caking either. It just glides on easily and stays on for hours. The colors are very intense and there were many shades available to please any fashion mood that I may be in.

Revlon Revlon Matte Lipstick, Pink Pout, 0.15 Ounce
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(price as of Jul 29, 2016)

NARS Matte Lipstick offers vitamin E in their lipstick which is great for the lips. Another of the quality ingredients that it has is Acai Oil which is an antioxidant benefit and you will also find that the wild mango butter will keep your lips from drying and cracking. 

Sabastian Trucco made my looks look great as well as feel great. It provided a great moist feeling and the colors available are a large variety. I liked the way it made my lips have a sexy look with no cracking and I didn't need a second application after wearing it for the day. 

Wet N Wild offers a one time application that will provide your lips with all of the hydration they need. I experienced no caking, bleeding or feathering when I used it. I loved the rich look that offered no shine to my lips. 

Another of the Top 10 best matte lipstick reviews 2013 offered is the Lancome color design, this lipstick goes on smoothly and it absolutely has no shine or gloss. I especially like the flat side of the lipstick that made applying it so easy. 

Jordana is made in my favorite place which is the USA, you'll love how comfortable your lips feel with this lipstick, your lips will remain smooth and moist the whole time that you are wearing it. With no caking and feathering, you'll only have luscious lips that are smooth and silky. 

The last but certainly not in any way the least in the top 10 best matte lipstick reviews 2013 offers is Personi. With Personi, I experienced no shine or gloss which was a big plus. This lipstick provided my lips with a look that was soft and smooth. My lips looked well hydrated without looking wet and shiny.  

I love being able to have the look that I want when I apply my lipstick. I think shiny lips are great for younger girls but I don't prefer to have my lips look as though I am wearing lip gloss.

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, Valparaiso
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(price as of Jul 29, 2016)