Of all professionals in the medical field, doctors are the ones typically hailed as heroes. However, every bit as important and heroic are the nurses that assist doctors and manage patients. This is why nursing school is just as big an achievement as medical school, so here are 10 of the best nursing schoolgraduation gifts for your graduate :

Gift cards to a coffee shop. It goes without saying that nursing is tough work. Your graduate will likely find his or herself trapped in a hospital or clinic, running around all day. Help them get out of the building and get a pick-me-up at a nearby coffee shop. The change of scenery and shot of energy will be much appreciated.

A personalized thermos. Combine convenience with sentiment by customizing a thermos with the graduate’s name or even pictures of them with friends and family.

A large supply of green tea. If your graduate isn’t exactly the “coffee type,” there are other great ways to help them stay awake and moving - like green tea. The myriad of other health benefits – such as its antioxidants – are sure to help, too. 

A stethoscope. Just like a typewriter has always been a classic gift to a beginning writer, a stethoscope is the right first tool for your graduate.

“Scrubs” season 1 on DVD. This TV show chronicles the everyday hilarity of a hospital staff and will surely entertain.

The board game “Operation.” Just because your graduate has a nursing degree doesn’t mean he or she can’t play a surgeon every now and then. The game’s benefit: nobody’s life is really at stake!

A shoe store gift card. Nurses are well-known for constantly being on their feet in their white tennis shoes, so help the graduate get the most comfortable and durable shoes he or she can to make things easier.

A pen lanyard. Another part to nursing while running around is signing forms and charts, so don’t let your graduate get caught without a pen handy.

A gift card to a uniform store. Yes, another gift card suggestion! Unless a nurse has several sets of uniforms, laundry will get hectic and constant. You’re probably sensing the theme here: making things easier for someone in a hectic profession.

Spa gift passes. Nursing is a high-intensity job, so giving the graduate passes that either don’t expire or will last long into the job will allow him or her to kick back whenever it’s needed.