The Right Running Shoes Makes All The Difference

Diet and exercise have become an integral part of many women’s daily activities. For those women who are trying to keep fit and or lose weight, running is one of the best ways to incorporate cardiovascular exercise in your daily routine. It is imperative that you have the right type of running shoes to support your feet while running, since running can be considered a high impact activity especially where the knees and feet are concerned. Running shoes however, are not just for runners or joggers; women can also use them during any other physical activity including just a casual walk around the park or walking to work before changing into those expensive high heels. A good pair of running shoes will support your feet, knees and legs during all types of high and low intensity activities. running shoes2

When choosing your perfect pair of running shoes, size is not the only thing that matters; you should also consider the style, construction and material used to make them.  Is that running shoe the right type of shoe to support your feet for the type of activities you engage in? Someone who wants a good pair of running shoes just wear to office before she changes and then back home, with a casual walk during lunch may not chorunning shoes1ose the same type of running shoe as a woman who routinely jogs five to ten miles daily.

Choosing the right running shoes is just as important as choosing the right type of exercise bike, the right type of sports bras or for that matter ladies, even the right type of handbags.  Take your time, because when you find a brand that you like, chances are you’ll want to buy several pairs just to keep them on hand.

Women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

This runner’s shoe is designed to provide the best support, fit and smoothness that one can feel from heel to toe. It provides a breathable comfort that even if it is worn the whole day, the feet will not feel tired at all. It gives the feet the perfect cushion for high intensity routines. It is said to be the most stable when it comes to women’s running shoes. It comes in sizes from 5B to 10.5 2A.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 26

Nike is a known brand when it comes to rubber or running shoes, so you can expect all goodness from these women’s running shoes. This running shoe is very comfortable and stylish. It provides a perfect fit that will surely give your feet support and control all throughout the time you are wearing this. Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 may fit perfectly but still allows space for your toes to spread and relax even while you are moving. It comes in sizes from 5B to 11.5B.

Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12

This is another great product from Nike. Women will surely be impressed at how comfortable these running shoes are. It comes with comfortable cushion that provides one with that much needed flexibility and dependable stability. Among the running shoes of Nike, this is the most lightweight. It has water repellant protection which is needed by runners who competes at any weather. It comes in sizes from 6.5B to 11.5B.

Saucony ProGrid Triumph 6

This running shoe is for light to neutral runners. It provides runners with great flexible stride. It is lightweight, cushiony and has a comfortable snug fit feeling that will make your feet feel relaxed all the time. It keeps your feet dry because of its breathable material. This shoes will assure you that you will no longer have tired feet every after an exercise routine or high intensity activities. This shoe comes in sizes from 5.5B to 11B.

New Balance 1063

This running shoe is intended for those who need extra cushioning and flexibility while running or moving. It provides good shock absorption that your feet will always stay relaxed and comfortable no matter what sports or exercises you are into. It gives you a perfect snug that gives you full control of the movements of your feet. This shoe is very stable as you can even use this everyday. It comes in sizes from 5B to 11C.

Saucony ProGrid Ride 2

This running shoe for women is made of mesh and synthetic. It has a flexible runner sole for stability. This shoe can be worn for everyday workout, jog or run. It is lightweight so one will feel comfortable all the time. Its width is better as it provides more space for the shoe to feel comfortable and the toes to spread out for relaxation. It comes with softer crash pad for better landings. It also has anti-microbial Ortholite to make your feet feel cool and breathing even if you are into a high intensity activity. It comes in sizes from 5.5B to 11B.

Brooks Addiction 8

This has been a crowd favorite. It has all the features that a runner is looking for in a running shoe but more importantly, its design is specifically made for women. It is not too bulky and it somehow shows that soft side of women though they are into highly active routines. This shoe gives maximum movement and comfort. It creates smoother transition from one movement to another preventing stress on your feet and muscles. It comes in sizes from 6B to 10.5B.

Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS

This is considered to be one of the most affordable yet great quality running shoes for women. It gives maximum control and comfort for the feet. It has great cushion and flexible forefoot for the feet to stay comfortable even in high intensity activities. It will give one a smooth and cushioned transition from different movements. Your feet will still have the chance to breathe even if this shoe snugs closely to your feet. This comes in sizes from 5B to 12B.

Nike Nucleus MC+

Again this is another great product from Nike. With Nike, you can never go wrong especially when it comes to sports shoes. You are assured of a product with great quality and dependability. This running shoe is said to be the most comfortable among the Nike line of running shoes for women. It feels like you are floating with its extra comfortable cushion. It has shock absorber, decoupled crash pad and deep flex grooves. With these, you are assured that your feet will always be at its best comfort even.


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