Running socks are the thing that runners forget more than anything else. Well some runners don’t ever wear socks but that is all up to choice. Myself, I find that depending on the type of sock I am wearing it will affect the way I feel at different distances with sweet absorption or padding. Also with the right sock you can avoid clumping, blistering and rashes. I recommend you take the time to find out what you need and what is missing from your comfort in running to determine which pair will work best for you. But like everything else in this world there are the better ones and here are ten of them. 

Bridgedale's Bamboo Lo

My biggest problem is I sweat a lot and need to find a way to keep my feet dry. These socks work the best for me. I can keep my feet dry no matter the distance I run or the conditions I am running in. Plus I find them to be the most comfortable of all the running socks I have ever worn.

Drymax Maximum Protection Running Sock

This is one of the socks in the future of technology. Using Teflon like fibers they reduce friction and by doing that reduce the risk of blistering. I have heard that this is the choice sock of serious marathoners because of the materials and the fluffiness of the sock making for a more comfy run.

PowerSox APF Lo-Cut

Having race socks that are seamless and fit like nylons perfectly form fitting to your foot is simply amazing. I would say the PowerSox spent a lot of time figuring out what runners needed. With their placement of cushioning it is amazing how they know right where to put it.


Generic White Sock

Now these are great if your shoes fit right and you get socks that fit right. Also you want to make sure you replace them on regular bases if you are using them for running. 

New Balance Cocona Lo-cut

These will stay in place and reduce the smell of your feet. Now this is not the best news while running but after it is nice to be able to save face. I would put them on the upper end of running socks as well. 

Balega All Out Trail Quarter Socks

These bad boys are tough, tough, tough! They can put up with a beating over and over again. The one issue is the warmth. I don’t understand how they can keep my feet “toasty” but at the same time keep them staying dry and protecting my feet. 

Asics Socks

Any sock from Asics is a good investment. Asics is a world leader in running shoes and have branched out into socks. They are relatively new to the market but they are great socks. Over the next couple of years I see Asics mastering the sock as they did the shoe.

Adidas ClimaCool Low-Cut Socks

If you live in a really hot area these socks will be the best investment you make for yourself. They were designed with the control of temperature in mind. They also have padding at heal ball and toes of the sock and are very comfortable. 

Drymax Hyperthin

This line is good for those of you who don’t wear socks but are testing the sock wearing waters. They provide very little material and extremely light weight. Because of this you do not feel the sock but they provide added protection by reducing friction and protecting against blisters.

Nike Dry Fit

The Nike name has been around a long time and deservers a spot here. As they have made clothing for ever sport in the world I think they make a well-rounded sock with exceptional moister control.