Top 10 Best Trendy Plus Size Swimsuits

When you're a big woman, you might be worried about the way you look in a swimsuit. That happens to all women regardless of their size. There are times you might find it hard to choose the stylish swimwear that will enhance your figure. If you have a very big waist, you need to choose a swimsuit that will not make you look bigger. The great thing is that there are a lot of retailers selling good affordable swimsuits for plus size women. If you have good taste and a little to spend on stylish swimsuits, you can check out the offers below.


Miraclesuit Plus Size Swimsuit, Aurora Dot Print Ruched Tummy Control Swimdress

One of the reasons why this is such a stylish swimsuit that will appeal to a lot of big women is because care has been taken to help you define your waistline. It comes with a nice v-neckline that some women might find rather revealing or too low. But for women who enjoy a little bit of attention, this plunging neckline will enhance your figure. It also comes with the diagonal stretch waistband. This is a faux waistband but it is put together in a stylish way to help you look trimmed and elegant. Another feature that is nice about this plus size swimsuit is the dotted white on black print. This offer can be purchased at Macy' for $170.

Miraclesuit Plus Size Swimsuit, Skirted Style

For plus size women who love large floral prints, this swimwear is very worth considering. The top floral part goes diagonally into the black skirt to give you a trimmed appearance. It comes with a rather low V-neckline that women with big chestr might feel uncomfortable with. That said, not everyone is that prudish and there are plus size women who will the relish the thought of showing more cleavage. Some will appreciate the little attention this trendy swimsuit will give them. Another appeal of this swimsuit is the criss-cross ruching over the waistline that will also give you a slimmer look. The wide straps have double stitched seam to give a good comfortable feel and avoid any wardrobe malfunction. This floral print sells for  sells for $168 at women within.

Women's Plus Size Tunic One Piece Slender Suit – Lands

For women who are looking for  trendy plus size retro swimsuits, this stylish blue design will appeal to many. The simplicity is one of the selling points of this swimwear. The design of the back has two long straps that do not overly expose your back but will make you look trendy from all angle. Unlike some common inexpensive plus size swimsuit that are either too busy on the front or too plain, this design has a nice little ruching on the left side that adds a little chic to your waistline. It comes with a very well put together V-neckline that will titillate but not expose your cleavage. This is a great and stylish looking full-size swimsuit for those who want to use it at the local swimming pool or at the beach. This is available for purchase at Land' for $135. The price is affordable when compare to the ones listed above. You might love it so much that you might even decide to wear it indoors just for the way it makes you feel.


Lane Bryant One piece plunge swimsuit - Women's Plus

It is often perceived that plus size women will have generous bosom. That is true in some cases but there are many women that have larger hips but smaller bust line. This swimsuit will appeal to those who want to be a little naughty but at the same time do not want to be vulgar. The abstract art inspired print on this swim wear with right side ruching is a nice little addition to help enhance and highlight your hourglass figure appearance. If you have larger bust and want to buy this fun looking swimsuit, you need to be ready for all the attention you will get and some idiots trying to talk to your chest. The irony is that some women actually enjoy the attention and ogling from strayed eyes. If that is your case, you can buy this  swimsuit at LaneBryant for $120.


JAG Plus Size Swimsuit, Pull On Swim Shorts with Attached Brief

There are times you want to go to the beach and spend some quality time with your loved ones but the thought of throwing yourself into a swimsuit just makes you cringe. No matter how stylish the plus size swimsuits might be, if you don’t feel comfortable, you will still not have a good time. With that in mind, you can take a look at this V-neck swimsuit with a great blue and black color combination.  The ruching along the V-neck will help to highlight your figure. If you are not comfortable with your thighs because of cellulite or just because you feel self conscious in swimsuits with really high hem line, this tankini style swimsuits with lined shorts will work for you. Another aspect of this offering is that it is rather cheap compared to the ones listed above. You can purchase yours for amere $78 at


Womens Plus Size Swimwear - Slenderizing Sideways Scoop

This is a very trendy plus size swimsuits mainly because of the print fabric used to provide an abstract fade from the top to the waistline. It gives the appearance of a high waisted outfit. This helps gives the illusion of a slender waist. The fabric is designed to hug your curves and make your waistline slimmer. It will work well for women with large hips who want to avoid a monotone swimwear. The scoop neckline is also neatly done to avoid excessive cleavage display. The straps are wide enough to provide comfortable wearing. This can be worn at the beach or at a swimming pool. For women who want a comfortable fit and a design that will last through the ever changing fashion trends, investing in this will be money well spent.  You can purchase this swimsuit at for $60.


Polka Dot Women's Plus Size Swimwear Plus Size

This is another example of a free-flowing trendy swimsuit for plus size women. This will work well for women with large waistline who will like to hide their curves behind a ruffled V-neck swimwear. The great appeal of this design is that it comes with  adjustable straps that can be tied at the nuke to adjust the neckline. Depending on how much cleavage you want to show, you can either pull the top up or let gravity work with you. The little ruched neckline and black tie add style. It comes with a soft line cup bra support. This is important and will give you a better fit. This tankini styled swimwear falls on the hip line and comes with  matching panty. This is an example of a great design for women who might be not be comfortable show the little dimples on their behind. You can purchase this swimsuit for $62 at

Plus Size Women's Robby Len By Longitude Longitude

It can be  difficult to find an appropriate swimwear when you have just had your baby or when you are pregnant. You don’t want to look like you are seeking attention or that you are trying too hard. In situations like these, investing in a high-waisted  trendy plus size swimwear will definitely boost your self-confidence. This comes with well a put together soft cup bra to enhance your bust line. The bathing suit flows freely and it is hemmed at the hip line for those who don't want to show too much skin. The contrast between the polka dot top and the free-flowing lower part is tastefully done to take away the gave your waistline and make you appear trimmer. It'll make a nice swimsuit for women who do not want to show their bikini line hem. The appealing thing about this offer is that it comes at a great price as well. This can be purchased at for $50.


Bathing Beauty One Piece in Wine - Plus-Size

When you're looking for stylish swimsuit for plus size women that will remind you of Marilyn Monroe or that will give you a sense of nostalgia, this one piece bathing suit will work great. If you want to take it attention away from your waistline, you will be well served with the double sided ruching along the seam line. The same technique is applied to enhance the bust line. It is a nice little tight fitting plus size swimsuits that will make you stand out because it is a step away from your regular deep blue or black swimsuits. If you have been searching for a swimwear or bathing suits that is not too loud or two exotic, this will be worth looking into. It comes in many sizes that will fit a lot of female shapes. It is not the cheapest plus size bathing suits out there but it is definitely worth the money. You will get flattering look  in your demure and trendy bathing suit. It can be purchased for $90 at


Avenue Plus Size Bandeau Convertible Swim Suit

A lot of plus size women often try to avoid buying strapless swimsuits. One of the reasons for this is that many are afraid that they might have a wardrobe malfunction. That is understandable when you have a lot of to carry around. That said, there are times you might also want to get an even tan without the annoying strapline. If that is an issue, you can check out this French style comfortable swimsuit. The black and white print is tastefully offset with gray shadows to enhance your look. It also comes with a detachable strap. This is very convenient and one of the many appeals of this trendy plus size bathing suit. The strap can be easily hooked on or taken off as you wish. You also get a soft cup bra sewn in so that you don't completely flattened your bust line. It also comes with a little faux tie on the side to add that feminine touch. This is available for purchase at for $78.