In this review I will be naming the best games for Nintendo wii. Nintendo Wii was first released on December 8th 2006 which also included the UK and United States. This console is just stunning because all the games involve movement. The best thing about this conNintendo Wii(57338)sole is that you can play any game as well as your having exercise so the more you play the better because you’ll get more exercise, therefore, you will become more fit. Nintendo wii has a competition with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 (also known as PS3). In December 2009 Nintendo Wii broke the world record as this console was one of the best selling console in a single month in the whole of United States. Another great thing about this console is that you can even play Game cube disc which is just incredible! Do you remember earlier on I told you that I am going to tell you what the best games for Nintendo wii are? Well I’m going to tell you know and I’m sorry for that little wait but I just thought I should tell you about the console first.


Top 10 Best Nintendo Wii Games

MAMARIO KART Wii(57328)RIO KART Wii first was released on 11th April 2008. The great thing about this game is that it has new characters, better stunts and amazing weapons. The best thing about this game is that you can play with the Wii Steering Wheel attachment which is just superb. This Mario racing game has been so successful for all the Nintendo Company. If you’re a person who loves racing games then this is definitely for you.

SUPER SMASH BROS: BRAWL’S was first released on 27th June 2008. MostSUPER SMASH BROS: BRAWL'S of the Nintendo character’s are in the game and it also has other famous character such as Pokemon and SONIC (both animated games and TV series). This is a multiplayer game so you can play with your family, friends and other relatives. If you get bored (which I doubt) you can even play online with people from different countries and places.

CALL of DUTY BLACK OPS was released on 9th November 2010 and it is the best first person shooter game so far. This game has actCALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS(57335)ually set a new world record which has made $650 million in the first whole five days on sale for the whole wide world. This has also beaten the previous CALL of DUTY MW2 (MW2 stands for Modern warfare 2) over by $100 million. I don’t know what you say about that but I think that’s just incredible. The best thing about this game is that you can even play with a realistic gun attachment (just like the wheel attachments) for the Nintendo wii.

Wii fit plus was first released on 30th October 2009. The price of this game is about £65-£90 which also includes the Wii balance board. The reason this game is a very high prWII FIT PLUSiced is because most people love this fitness game. This is fitness game is just fantastic also many people use it a lot therefore it is worth every single penny you purchase the bundle for. The Wii fit plus also offers a range of new features which will help you out a lot.

FIFA 1FIFA 12(57334)2 will be released on the 30th September 2011. I’m 100% sure that this game will be the best FIFA football game as FIFA is always successful. All you football fans have to pre order this football game now as this is going to be better than any other football game ever made before. The great thing about this game is that you can create your own dream team, then you can enjoy every minute playing this game beating you friends, family, relatives and people online.

The Legend of Zelda skyward sword will be released some time in 2011 (because theThe Legend of Zelda Skyward swordy haven’t made a proper release date yet). This adventurous game is really exclusive to the wii company and this game is also going to be perfect especially when you join Zelda on his new magical quests. You can pre order this game right know if you are a fan of Zelda or you can also pre order this game if you love challenging adventure games.

DONKEYKONG JUNGLE BEAT was firsDONKEYKONG JUNGLE BEATt released on 5th June 2009. In this fascinating game you have to help Donkey Kong (also known as the world’s best animal furthermore Donkey Kong is also one of Nintendo’s most famous character) try and find his way through the jungle. This is no ordinary game in fact this game is known for its cool combos were you have to try and find many bananas as possible. I you’ll have to purchase the game to find out more about this game!

MARIO SPORTS MIX was released on 4th February 2011. This game has four good combinations of sports activities such as ice MARIO SPORTS MIXhockey, volley ball, dodge ball and basketball. This is a long lasting fun game which is suitable for all ages (but you have to be over 3 of course). This is an exclusive game to Nintendo Wii and has many familiar Nintendo characters in the game for example Yoshi, Luigi and Mario (as you should have known from the game title).

SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 was first released on 11th June 2010. This game is a wonderful adventurouSUPER MARIO GALAXY 2(57330)s game. In this game you can team up with MARIO’S dinosaur Yoshi who helps you out in the game a lot. You will be hooked to this game for ages because there is so much to do which includes unlocking secret items and enchanting levels to play. Nintendo has headed to the future by releasing the game in 3D which is going to give us gamers a different Mario gaming experience to the original 2D Mario games that already have been released before.

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS has been released on 20th November 2009. This game caNEW SUPER MARIO BROSn be played up to four players which is amazing for you, your family, your friends and other relatives. It is an addictive game were you can throw your team-mate at the enemies to save your self and they can also do that to you. Well I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I had fun telling you about the top 10 best Nintendo Wii games.