There are numerous styles of bikinis, but these are the most popular styles for 2012.

1. Stars and Stripes Minimal Coverage

Stars and Stripes Minimal Coverage BikiniCredit:

The Stars and Stripes bikini features minimal coverage. In the back it is a thong that will definitely show off your entire butt. If you want to be be bold, daring, and attract a lot of attention then the Stars and Stripes bikini with Minimal Coverage swimsuit from

2. Skinz Bikini

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Skinz Bikinis with bright and bold graphics are extremely popular. Skinz Bikinis such as the one feature ample coverage yet are still extremely sexy. This is definitely a bikini you can wear with your family around. The bright and bold colors of these bikinis are truly amazing and may draw as much attention from the guys as does the curves on your body.

3. Sports Logo Bikinis

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More women than ever seem to be wearing bikinis that are emblazoned with the logo and graphics of their favorite sports team. What better way to get the attention of guys then showing off you sexy body in a bikini while also showing them that you love sports as much as they do.

4. Contrasting Tops

Contrasting Tops BikiniCredit:

More women are opting for bikinis with the bottom and the top are different colors or patterns.

5. Mass Department Store Bikinis

Generic BikiniCredit:

More women are buying swimsuits from mass department stores such as Wal-Mart and Kmart. This particular bikini swimsuit is sold at Target. The quality of these inexpensive swimsuits has drastically risen over the past decade which makes these a great choice for an affordable and sexy bikini.

6. Shiny Fabric

Shiny BikiniCredit:

Swimsuits that are made with shiny fabrics have rapidly become popular over the last couple of seasons. This particular bikini is a shiny red one from Skinz.

7. Scrunch Back Bikinis

Scrunch Back BikinisCredit:

The Scrunch Back bikini is making a huge impact on the swimwear market. This particular swimsuit is a scrunch back model sold by

8. Camouflage Patterns

Camo Bikini PatternCredit:

Camouflage patterned swimwear has been around a long time, but the last few years bikini manufacturers are selling more and more bikinis with various camo patterns.