Top 10 Board Games Of All Time

These days a lot of kids play video games or play games online or on their phones. However, there are still people out there that love to play older board games. Here is a listing of the top 10 board games of all time.


Monopoly is a game that many of us have played that comes in the classic version, as well as many other fun versions such as Dogopoly, or some based on cities, TV shows, and many more. No matter what the version of Monopoly is, it is based on playing with fake money and the players circle around the board after throwing dice.

There are 12 basic character pieces that are based on the theme of the game and in the classic version they are made of metal and are a wheelbarrow, battleship, race car, train, man riding a horse, money bag, thimble, cannon, Scottie dog, iron, top hat, and a koala bear in the Australian version.

Players buy up properties, hotels, and businesses and utilities and when another player lands on them they must pay rent. Plus there are cards that have tasks or that may send people to jail. The person at the end with all the money wins.

2. Scrabble

Scrabble is a game of words and spelling skills. Players must know how to form words from the letter tiles and each letter has a certain value. The values are added up and the one with the most points wins. Players work to connect their letters with the other letters on the board sort of like a crossword puzzle style of words line ups.

Two to four people can play, but in a tournament, only two people play. There are different squares on the board and some give double or triple scores. There are 100 tiles and two are blank and can be used to make any needed letter. The highest points go for rarely used letters like the Q and Z and they are worth 10 points, and the others are worth varying amounts up to 10 points.

3. Parcheesi

You play Parcheesi using either one or two dice or the Parcheesi board. Usually it has 72 spaces on it and 12 are dark and considered as safe zones for your game pieces. You are supposed to get all four of your game pieces home to the center of the board. Players can force other player’s pieces backwards, thus keeping them from the goal.

Plus, each player can capture pieces from other players and win points for doing so. They can also block other players from advancing forwards in the game. A roll of doubles gets the player another roll of the dice.  But if they roll three in a roll, it is a penalty instead.

The object of this game is to circle around the board and get you have to get all four of your pieces home” by rolling the dice. First one to do so wins.

4. Risk

Risk is another popular board game requiring skill. The object is to take over the world by controlling their own army. Players have to strategically move their pieces around the board to represent army units, etc. Two to six people can play and the board looks like a political map of the world. It has 42 territories and six continents. Winners will own every territory. Dice is used to move around the board.

5. Candyland

This is a classic amongst kid’s games. It is mostly for children under the age of eight. The board is a colorful mix of lollipops, gum drops and candy forests that players move around on. There are also cards to pick and read off the task to do.

The object of the game is to find the lost king of Candyland. Players pick the cards and move to the color of the card. That makes it very easy for young kids to play this game. They can go forwards or backwards. If you land on a dot or licorice mark, you lose a turn. To win you have to get on or past the last square on the board.

6. Life

Life is another well known board game where players act out make-believe lives by driving a little toy car around the board, earning money, getting a job, having kids, getting an education, etc. It enacts all sorts of things that happen in real life even disasters as well as good things. Players spin a dial to move around the board. Two to six people play this game.

7. Clue

Clue is a mystery board game where the players use clues to find out who killed a character in the game and how it was done. You have to know who killed the person, with what item, and in what room to win the game. Players collect clues as they move around the game to figure it all out. The board has 9 rooms, corridors, and secret passages, as well as cards and dice. The center holds an envelope with the answers and when someone guesses it they will find out if they win or lose.

8. Sorry!

Two to four people play this board game where people are trying to get all their pieces around and off the board first. Players are trying to bump other players off the board by landing on them, thus they are supposed to say “sorry” for doing so. There are cards that tell you what to do. The board has 15 fifteen spaces per side, and each player gets their own color. There are 45 square paths and they lead to each player’s home base and are the safety zones, but in other areas the pieces can be bumped back.

9. Mouse Trap

Mouse trap is an intriguing board game where you are collecting pieces to build a mousetrap and the pieces look like mice. They also try to get game pieces that look like cheese. If you trap another player in the mousetrap, then you win! Little kids like the action of the mice and the trap falling onto them. It is very colorful and fun.

10. Chess or Checkers

Many people also like to play chess or checkers, which have been around for hundreds of years or more. Both are played on a similar board, but chess is much more strategic and is played with pieces named after military and religious figures. The object of chess is to capture the king. The pieces are white and black. You can also buy chess in versions with cartoon and other characters. The object of chess is to take all the other player’s pieces by moving around on the board and jumping over them.

All in all, even with many kids playing video or computer games, board games are still beloved in some homes and come in handy if the power goes off too!