Why Do People Listen To Breakup Songs?

     People listen to breakup songs, because they can empathize and it helps the process of grieving after one has had a breakup. Particularly if it were a bad breakup. A good breakup song can really get to a person and even have the least likely to cry actually shedding a tear or two. Perhaps not in every case, but it is possible, for the emotion in music can trigger emotions in those who listen to it. Why else would people listen to music where there are words, instead of it being the composition of the piece alone? Although some music need not have any words to reach us on an emotional level, whether happy or depressed.

     Breakups happen all the time, so everyday people are listening to breakup songs whether they've recently broke up, are about to breakup or broke-up a long time ago. Most people know what it feels like to breakup or be on the verge of breaking up. They may be upset, but sometimes, somehow, breakup songs can help calm them. If a song can get the tears flowing that's the first step toward getting over a breakup and on with ones life. By doing so they'd not make it complicated by doing something foolish, or worse.

     Now maybe the following breakup songs might give someone suffering from a breakup a bit of an emotional outlet.


     At the top of the breakup song list is the Rascal Flatts version of the song, What Hurts the Most. It is an emotional piece which bespeaks of loss, even when the elements are empathetic. It's never anything, but the fact that someone is gone that hurts the most, not the events around the loss. The most poignant lines of the song are most likely, 'And never knowing, what could have been'. The saddest phrase in all the world, is 'what if' and this line from the song What Hurts the Most is like wondering, 'what if?' after the breakup where one person was left in an empty house without their love.


     Coming in, in second place is I Fall to Pieces which is sung by Patsy Cline and written by Hank Cochran and Harlan Howard. A breakup song which some have mentioned had country fans shedding tears into their bears for years. It's really difficult to remain friends after a breakup. It is also quite difficult to see someone one still loves, or even just once loved walk on by. It tears one to pieces which is what the song is all about. Breakups are hard, even when time has passed and one tries to move on by dating someone else. Just the smallest glimpse of a past love that one might never have really gotten over, hurts. It's like going through the heartbreak again and again.


     Carrie Underwood's song, Before He Cheats is yet another breakup song. Maybe one that has a bit more of a violent edge than the others. This is because of the man whose cheating and she don't want no more to do with him, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still want a little bit of revenge. Not when she's putting her name all over everything and smashing in the headlights of his car. Then she makes a statement about wanting to maybe saving some trouble for whomever his next girl might be. It might be sad for the woman who he cheated on, but at least she's not going to just up and take him back. No way she's going to let him get another chance to cheat on her.


     Maroon 5 sings a breakup song entitled, Nothing Lasts Forever. Sometimes a relationship can't be saved. When one or both parties are suffering or unhappy for whatever reason and nothing seems to be working, sometimes the only thing to do is to say goodbye. Not every relationship works out and though it may be a breakup, sometimes its the best to say goodbye, for both parties. Maybe neither of them want to breakup, but still somehow know its better than what they've got. It still may hurt, but as the lines of the song Nothing Lasts Forever say, 'But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe. It hurts but it may be the only way' is quite perceptive. Just because it hurts to say goodbye, to breakup, doesn't mean that one shouldn't end the relationship. Especially if its hurting the people within that relationship.


     Tears Dry on Their Own as sung by Amy Winehouse is yet another breakup song of interest to those suffering through a breakup or those who know what it feels like. Sometimes someone just walks away and the person left behind is left to hurt, left to cry. Although they cry, their tears will dry on their own. The person who left isn't there to dry them anymore. But the one left behind wouldn't need them to dry their tears if the one they love hadn't left, because they wouldn't be crying.


     Another song sung by Maroon 5, Through With You made its way onto the top 10 breakup songs. It is the last line of the song which really makes it into a breakup song, 'I called to let you know I'm through with you'. However it seems that the call for the breakup came after the person they were waiting for to call them back, to get back to them never did and they're just not going to wait anymore.


     Rihanna's song, You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) is yet another breakup song for people to listen to when they're going through a breakup. Be it the end of a long term relationship, engagement or marriage. Every song ever sung has a potential to be an emotional outlet, sometimes to get one to cry, other times to cheer them up or to help them gain the strength to carry on. When someone isn't being loved, its time to call it quits so that they can find someone else to love, who loves them. It may be painful, but in the end its the best thing to do.


     Mariah Carey's verion of I Don't Wanna Cry is a breakup song that many empathize with. They empathize, because when two people in a relationship only bring each other pain, its time to call it quits. The lines which support this in the breakup song I Don't Wanna Cry happen to be, 'It isn't right to stay together, when you only bring each other pain.' Staying together at that point, once all has been said and done and nothing seems to work, its just best to let go.


     Sinead O'Conner sang Nothing Compares to You which is another intense breakup song as all those mentioned previously are. Some to certain individuals perhaps more intense to them depending on their own unique situations leading up to and after their breakups. The most poignant lines of the song Nothing Compares to You are perhaps, 'It's been seven hours and fifteen days, since you took your love away'. It may not have been originally intended as a breakup song, but it can be. It could also pass for a funeral song if one recalls that Sinead O'Conner wrote it after the death of her son.


      One of the saddest breakup songs is perhaps the song sung by Etta James, I'd Rather Go Blind, which is a classic. It's made more haunting by Etta James singing voice and the emotion put into it. It's a song about seeing the person you loved with someone else. Thus the reason for wanting to rather go blind, because its something one doesn't want to see whether its pre-breakup or post-breakup.