Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II USMCredit: Amazon

Canon has earned a great reputation for optical quality. A big part of this is due to the "L" series of EF lenses. These are very high quality and are available in a variety of formats and speeds. These are rather pricy, often worth more than the actual camera body.

Regardless of your photographic need, there is a Canon "L" series lens for you. You just need to balance the high cost against your desire for the lens. Many people have purchased "L" series lenses and they are very happy with their purchase.

Most of these high-end Canon lenses have very favorable reviews by their owners. These lenses are always solidly built and they perform very well as designed. They are serious units, built solidly with real metal cases. They contain many separate internal glass lenses that operate together. They are well suited to the rigors of daily professional use.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
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Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II USM

The number two "L" series lens, as ranked by actual owners is the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. This is a relatively expensive lense, listing for about $2200. It is a full zoom lens which covers the range from 70mm to 200mm. As such, it can be used for relatively close shooting such as indoors at a wedding. It can also bring the subjects close so it works well for sports, wildlife and other outdoor photography. Zoom lenses of this quality are often quite pricy, many far in excess of the price of this lens.

This zoom lens produces very sharp and clear images, despite being a zoom design. The designers have really put a lot of quality engineering into this unit. This lens is very fast at F/2.8. This allows it to capture images in low light, or to be used with slower shutter speeds. Many other lenses are rated at F/4, or even slower, requiring much more light per shot. It also features full image stabilization. This is very helpful, especially when shooting at the long end of the zoom range.

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Owner Ratings

This lens received 5 stars from 422 of 452 reviewers. This is fully 93% of the respondents giving the top grade. The only lower ratings were due to the very heavy weight of the unit, and the high cost.

Notable Owner Quotes
G.C. says that this version is far better than the earlier Mark I. It works perfectly and the image stabilization is a treat. It's easier to obtain excellent focus and the image stabilization is effectively silent. G.C. reports that this is a substantial piece of equipment due to the need for a great deal of glass. It is expensive but you get what you pay for. Remove the tripod collar when shooting hand-held in order to improve your performance.

C.M. says that this unit is truly remarkable. If money isn't an object, she says that you should order this immediately. It is heavy, large and expensive, but it works extremely well on a cropped sensor or a full sized one. She says that the fast F/2.8 speed is a treat compared to the other F/4 units. This gives you much better options.The lens is heavy so you need a large, high quality tripod when shooting longer exposures.

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More Actual Owner Comments

Alex says that this is a heavy and expensive unit but that it is absolutely amazing. The images are top notch. 100% shots can be printed with full clarity. Even a small sign located hundreds of feet away was plainly evident. The IS is fantastic. A little shaking during shooting is not an issue at all. Autofocus is excellent, even in low light. Very forgiving for close focus work. The image quality is a big step up from the IQ of the earlier version.It is a stunning addition to the photo bag.

S.Z. was like you, likely, debating whether to spend so much money on this, or to buy a cheaper unit. After reading everything, he decided to sell other gear and buy this one. He loved his prime units but he had trouble switching lenses in the field so he missed some shots.

He took the plunge and got this device, and "WOW!". He was amazed by the image quality right away. It was far better than expected. It seems to focus more accurately than prime lenses.

The image stabilization really helps when shooting hand-held. He feels that this feature alone justifies the price. He gave this 5 stars because of the quality construction and the sharpness.

C.M. absolutely recommends this unit. It's a keeper and he is not second guessing himself.

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More Owner Comments

B.B. has taken hundreds of shots and he is really impressed. He says the performance is far better than the first version. He's a perfectionist and this lens meets his requirements.

J.P. agonized over this lens due to the problems with the earlier version. He thinks that version two is a huge winner. He shoots concerts, events and portraits in natural light so this lens was a must -have for him. He notes that the range is excellent, especially for a full frame camera such as the 5D or 6D. With these, you can use a Kenko 1.4 converter. It does turn it into an F/4, but the image performance is still incredible, and you get 400mm at the top end.

Even over the long term, J.P. has continued to be wowed by this unit. It's stellar in low light. It's always sharp, even in low light. Canon has cornered the zoom market with this example.

I.C. says that this is the most versatile and sharp device he has ever tried. Although he liked the version one of this, he loves version 2. He was able to recoup a lot of the initial purchase cost of his first purchase.

He notes that the version 2 is super sharp at all focal lengths, even wide open. It's quick to focus, and almost silent doing it. The image stabilization is excellent. He thinks that the internal flourite element makes the device control light better to reduce the washout on images.

J.P. says that this is her dream lens. She was blown away by the quality. This is an amazing addition to her business.

Mark says that he was amazed that the owner reviews are so high for this unit. He says that if you are on the fence, just get it!