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Canon has earned a great reputation for optical quality. A big part of this is due to the "L" series of EF lenses. These are high quality and are available in a variety of formats and speeds. These are rather pricey, often worth more than the actual camera body.

Regardless of your photographic need, there is a Canon "L" series lens for you. You just need to balance the high cost against your desire for the lens. Many people have purchased "L" series lenses and they are happy with their lens.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
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Well Regarded Piece of Equipment

Most of the Canon lenses have favorable reviews by their owners. The company's lenses are usually always well built and they perform as designed. They are serious units, built with metal cases, especially the "L" series. Even those with plastic construction are of obvious quality. They contain many separate internal glass lenses that operate together. They are well suited to the rigors of daily professional use.

The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro is number 3 in popularity. This is quite expensive lens, listing for about $950. It is a full prime lens which of 100mm. As a macro design, it allows close shooting of small objects at high magnification. As a prime lens, has simpler internals than zoom types and is well made.

Available in Kit Form

Known for Sharp Image Capturing

This lens produces sharp and clear images, traits typical of the "L" units. The engineers have designed quality into this unit. It is fast at F/2.8. This allows it to capture images in low light, or at slower shutter speeds. It is an improvement better than other slow lenses for normal use. It also features full image stabilization. This is helpful, especially when shooting hand-held.
The 100mm macro is interesting in that it can take shots of close, small objects, but also portraits. This makes this unit quite a versatile addition to the photographer's bag.

Full Frame Camera for this Macro Lens

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Owner Ratings

The Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro received fully 330 5 star reviews out of 364 recorded. This is 90.6% in the top category. 30 more gave it 4 stars. The principle issue with this small group was that this lens can have focusing issues at some times. Sometimes, mainly in low light conditions, the autofocus sensor will not observe enough contrast in the image presented. Without a contrast signal, it will not focus. This is easily overcome by manually focusing to a point, then engaging the autofocus again. It is more of an issue when the photographer wants to swing from close-up shooting to landscapes in quick progression. Again, it is mainly in low-light conditions.

Only 3 owners gave this 3 stars and only 1 gave it 2 stars. No owner gave it a poor rating. The reasons for the lower ratings were typically due to a noisy autofocus motor and focus issues. As mentioned, the focus problem may often be overcome with a little manual intervention.

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Owner Comments

P.C. reports that this unit is lighter than other Canon 100mm macro versions. It produces great smooth bokeh. He really likes the circular blurs generated by the internal diaphragm.

K.D. says that it is the sharpest lens that she has ever had. She also likes the very smooth bokeh effect.

R.G. says it's one of the sharpest lenses in Canon's lineup. He notest that the image stabilization is of the latest design and compensates for nearly 4 f-stops of light. This allows very sharp portraits to be taken in low light with the aperture wide open. Very noticeable improvement over other lenses that are regularly used for portraits. He notes that the background bokeh are superior to that produced by other units. He thinks that this is relatively light in weight.

E.K. says that is everything that you might expect with image stabilization that works well. As usual, he praises the smooth bokeh. He says that the autofocus is precise but a little slower than some other telephoto lenses. Finally, he notes that the depth of field is extremely shallow, and movement will affect focus, especially for cropped sensor cameras.

N.H. says that despite the plastic used in the case, this feels like a solid device. He likes that some weight was saved with this decision. The bokey is nicer and the images produce better colors than with other macros. The image stabilization improves shooting very much over non-IS devices. He notes that this unit can be used for several purposes compared to other 100mm devices.

I.C. says that this one produces a far sharper image than the 180mm macro. When shooting close subjects, sharpness is an absolute must. He also notes that the fast speed and image stabilization allow for hand-held shooting of macro subjects. It's also lighter than the 180mm which is a big plus.

L.L. reports that it is one of Canon's best prime lenses, period. She likes the dual horizontal and vertical image stabilization. This gives her the equivalent of 2 extra f-stops when shooting in low light. She notes that when viewed in reduced size, the images are similar in quality to those produced by ordinary Canon lenses. It is when you zoom in that the sharpness of the image is plainly evident. This lens is fairly light weight compared to several others which works to L.L.'s advantage.

D.M. says that the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS is essentially two lenses in one. It works great for close-up shooting and for portraits as well. He thinks that you still need ample light for portrait shooting, even with the fast speed of this lens.