Teenagers are hard to buy for, but this list of great Christmas presents can help you to choose the best gift for the picky teen in your life. I'm sure you've picked up a bad gift at one time or another. I know I have. Choosing the right gift will ensure that your teen remembers you and this Christmas with joy.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Teens - 2010

Money or Gift Cards for Teens

Money or gift cards are the most wanted of all teen gifts. Teenagers have differing styles and interests but one thing that most teens have in common is a lack of disposable income. Most stores, online and off, have gift cards available. If you know the favorite shop of your teen simply go to the store and buy a card for the amount you wish to give.

Video Game Consoles for Teens

Video Game Consoles are expensive and this is a gift that is best given to a teen that you are close to. I don't like giving expensive gifts to kids that I just see on occasion. I'd only give a video game console to my own kids, my step kids, and my nieces and nephews. Any farther out in the relationship tree and they will have to ask their own Moms and Dads. The consoles that are available right now are the XBOX 360, Play Station 3, and the Wii. The Wii is the least expensive of the three consoles.

Laptops for Teens

A Laptop is another expensive gift. This can be used by teens for years. If the teenager is heading into college and doesn't have a laptop, this is an especially useful gift. It will help with their schoolwork and keep them entertained when they're blowing off their schoolwork. This gift is well worth the cost.

Rock Band for Teens

If the person that you are buying a gift for already has a video game console picking up a copy of Rock Band for that console is a sure-fire win. This game is fun for the single kid, it's a great family game, and a fantastic party game. Very few teens would turn their nose up at this Christmas gift.

Cell Phone Minutes for Teens

If your teens are anything like mine they can never have too many cell phone minutes. This gift can be tricky because you need to find out if they have a pre-paid cell phone and if so which brand it is. You'll probably give away the gift trying to get the information but I don't think the teenager will mind. If the kid doesn't have a cell phone that leads into…

Cell Phones for Teens

Most teenagers love to talk on the phone. There are many cheap pre-paid cell phones available today. These are cute, trendy, and sure to please. Make sure that you pick up a few spare minutes so that they don't run all their minutes out in the first day.

Clothes for Teens

Clothes are a great gift for boys and girls. This gift idea only works if you know the style that your teenager likes to wear. When I say clothes I'm excluding socks and underwear. Trendy tops and jeans are something that all kids would like to have more of.

MP3 Player for Teens

Music is still as popular with teens today as it was when we were teens. They also hold a lot more music than they did just a few years ago. Pick up a cheap (or expensive) MP3 Player for your favorite teen. If you know their favorite band, add in a few CD's and you've got a gift that will rock their socks off.

Digital Camera/Video Recorder for Teens

Have you heard of YouTube? Nothing says make a fool of yourself my beloved child like giving your child their very own way to humiliate themselves online. Digital cameras are big so they can upload photos to FaceBook and MySpace.

A New Car for Teens

I would be doing teens the world over a big disservice if I did not throw this out there. Now the car doesn't have to be new but it can for sure be new to them. There is not a teen on the planet that wouldn't love to have a car to drive around.

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