It always seems that the end of the year brings most families together. The Christmas spirit and nature of giving probably plays a big part in the process. It's always such a good time of the year to get together do things together and watching movies can be a good tradition. Here today I want to talk about my top 10 Christmas movies of all-time.

I know that every year my family always watches certain movies as a tradition around Christmas. My personal favorite is Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase. But we always watch Home Alone and A Christmas Story at least once the week leading up to the big day. I like a good mix of the old and new stuff to put things in perspective. But enough of my rambling here is the top 10 Christmas movies of all-time.

10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This is the popular cartoon classic just like the song we all grew up singing in school. The story is about a misfit Reindeer who is different than all the others and mistreated because of the condition. In the end the moral of the story is that being different can be a good thing and make someone unique. But even more important is that somebody out there always cares.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A classic movie from Tim Burton that has a blend of both Christmas and Halloween. The story is about a small town that is nonstop focused on Halloween until Jack Skeleton discovers a town with Christmas and decides to make it on his own. At the end they discover what the holiday is all about and things come together quite nicely.

8. The Santa Clause

This funny comedy stars Tim Allen as a man that must assume the role of Santa after the big man falls off his roof. Not only must he take over the responsibilities but the look as well which means growing the beard and putting on the extra pounds. Over the course of the movie he learns to embrace the duty and earns the love of his family as well.

7. It's a Wonderful Life

I'm sure that most people would put this one up higher on the list with it being such a big classic. Many of the sights are outdated but the story still holds true teaching one to appreciate the joy of life that we are given every day and the loved ones around us. It would be a crime to leave this film off any top 10 Christmas movies of all-time list.

6. Elf

Many people out there don't find Will Ferrell funny but gives this one a try. The story is about a human that grows up amongst elves at the North Pole and has to return to normal life. As you can imagine there are many funny things that happen in the process. With a good blend of comedy, family, love and just flat out holiday joy this movie deserves a spot on the top 10 Christmas movies of all-time list.

5. Home Alone 2

While sequels are usually inferior to the originals this one comes pretty close to being just as good if not better than the first one. They pretty much take the same storyline as the original and just change it up a little putting Kevin McCallister in New York City on Christmas Eve. But not only does he have to contend with the same criminals but also a pesky Hotel Manager played by Tim Curry who excels in the role.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I always loved the Grinch growing up because he was just so nasty that it was funny. The character was just so rotten that you couldn't help but laugh a little at how angry and miserable he wanted everyone to feel about the holidays. It all works out in the end with even the Grinch realizing that there is good to be found in the world. A must for any top 10 Christmas movies of all-time list.

3. Home Alone

This is without a doubt one of the top 10 Christmas movies of all-time in my opinion. You have comedy, action and suspense all rolled up into one package with a holiday theme. I remember as a kid watching this movie over and over again around the holidays. At the end it teaches you never to take your family and the things you have in life for granted.

2. A Christmas Story

I'm sure many people will consider this to be perhaps the best of the top 10 Christmas movies of all-time. It's a timeless classic without a doubt and delivers on so many levels. Many of themes are kinda outdated but they still can apply today in some form or fashion. You have Ralphie wanting a bb gun which everyone tells him is too dangerous. There will always be parents telling children they aren't old enough for certain things in life.

1. Christmas Vacation

This is a bit of favoritism on my part by putting this one at the very top of my top 10 Christmas movies of all-time list. I just happen to think that it shows some focus on some of the headaches of the holiday season which is a thing that many other movies fail to show. You have Clark Griswald having to deal with family, financial issues and decorations. But like with most other movies about the holidays everything turns out okay in the end. The comedy here is what makes this movie get the top spot in my opinion.

I hope everyone found this top 10 Christmas movies of all-time list interesting. Perhaps it will give those at home something to check out during the holiday season. Of course there are some very good movies that I left off like Miracle on 34th Street or The Christmas Carol. But this is a list of my own personal favorites so there is some bias to take into consideration. All the same I hope everyone out there has a very merry Christmas which carries over into a good new year.