Monster Trucks can be seen in shows thought the World. They seem to be most popular in the United States and European Countries. One of the largest organizers of Monster Truck events is the Monster Jam. The Monster Jam is a good chance for you to see a lot of the most popular monster trucks in the Country. You will not however be able to see the perennial favorite Bigfoot at Monster Jam. Bigfoot and Monster Jam got into a legal dispute and Bigfoot pulled out of all Monster Jam events. There are however multiple Bigfoot trucks that race at multiple monster truck events. If you like monster trucks then the odds are one of these monster trucks on this list is among one of your favorites. If your favorite monster truck is not listed leave a comment below and I would love to hear who you like.

10. Grave Digger

Grave DiggerCredit:

The Grave Digger may be the second most well-know monster truck in the World.  As with a lot of the popular Monster Trucks, there are numerous trucks racing under the name in different parts of the Country. There is not 1 Bigfoot and not just 1 Grave Digger. There are multiple trucks of the same design that race and compete throughout the Country simultaneously in different regions. The first actual Monster Truck under the Grave Digger name was in 1986. Grave Digger was around before that though as a mud bogger. In 1986 the Grave Digger name was transformed into a full-fledged monster truck. Monster truck fans during the late 80’s consisted of people who were either Grave Digger fans or Bigfoot fans. Grave Digger is often the last truck to cap off a Monster truck freestyle event. The Grave Digger still remains the crowd favorite at many Monster Truck events Numerous Grave Digger Posters are sold each year which is attributed to the fact that almost all monster truck fans have an interest in this particular monster truck.

9. The Patriot

Patriot Monster TruckCredit:

Dan Rodoni and the Patriot Monster truck did not hit the Monster Truck scene until 2004. Although the Patriot is not as well known as some of the other Monster Trucks such as the Grave Digger, it still has a cult following. People love the Patriot because of the driver. Dan Rodoni constantly takes time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans of all ages. Dan Rodoni won the rookie of the year award and has been very successful ever since.

8. Wildfire

Wildfire Monster TruckCredit: wildfire

7. Spike

Spike is a popular Monster Truck with a junk yard dog theme. Kids and adults tend to love the show that Spike puts on. Spike concentrates more on pleasing the crowd then winning.

6. Lil’ Devil

Lil’ Devil is one of the more popular trucks that travels around and puts on shows in Scotland, England, and other UK Countries. We often think of Monster Trucks as something done in the United States; however this is far from the truth as monster trucks can be found in almost all developed Countries.

5. Fanta Truck

Fanta Monster TruckCredit:

Corporations have discovered how lucrative a monster truck sponsorship can be. One of the best ways is to create an entirely new themed monster truck based around the product being endorsed. Monster trucks always get a lot of attention regardless of where they are. A truck such as this Fanta themed monster truck has gotten a lot of free publicity for the company. People will pose for pictures with it and then post them on all of the social networks. Publicity such as this can be invaluable to a company which is looking to extend their advertising opportunities.

4. Maximum Destruction

Maximum Destruction Monster truckCredit:

Monster trucks are designed for maximum destruction of the cars they smash, so what better name for a monster truck then Maximum Destruction?

3. Grinder

Grinder Monster TruckCredit:

Grinder is a Monster Truck who knows how to get fans excited. Not only does Grinder travel around and participate in Monster truck events, but Grinder also is very active on Facebook and interacts with monster truck fans. The Grinder fan page on Facebook as well over 56,000 “likes!”

2. Big Pete

Big Pete Monster TruckCredit:

What do you get when you take a “big rig” and turn it into a monster truck? You get Big Pete! Big Pete is one of the baddest and coolest monster trucks around. If Big Pete was a high school kid he would be the one that bullied all the other kids. Big Pete travels all around Europe displaying the power of smashing cars. Big Pete is consistently one of the crowds’ favorites. Nobody messes with Big Pete!

1. Bigfoot

Bigfoot Monster TruckCredit:

Bigfoot is the undisputable winner as the most recognizable and well-known monster truck in the entire world. As with a lot of other monster trucks, Big Foot is a team that has multiple trucks racing and performing simultaneously throughout not only the United States but also many European Countries.

Bigfoot has been around since 1979. Bigfoot is the original Monster Truck that started the monster truck events. If it was not for Bigfoot then the sport would not have evolved as quickly as it has.

Bigfoot began as a way to help market the business of Midwest Four Wheel Drive which was owned by Bob Chandler. Chandler continues to develop the truck and was able to drastically increase the overall height and performance of it. One day he had himself filmed driving the trucks over a couple of old cars on a farm. He did this simply to have fun. He was playing the video in his Four Wheel Drive shop one day and a show promoter seen it. The promoter loved the tape and instantly seen the potential that this idea would have to draw a crowd. Take a huge truck and have it smash cars. It was brilliant.

Over the years Bigfoot has grown taller. The video below shows the very first Bigfoot ever on the farm driving over 2 cars. The video below is the one that started the monster truck sport that has countless fans.

Monster truck shows and competitions
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