Bluetooth earbuds are fantastic, however they are practically unusable as a singular device. Before you acquire your first headset, you should make sure that the device you plan to use along with them is fitting. While most products available for purchase now offer Bluetooth interface, some do not. We’ve assembled a listing of the devices we advocate that you use to get the most out of your Bluetooth earbuds.

10. iPod Touch

The most popular portable music player, the Apple iPod Touch, is the model device to use with your Bluetooth earbuds. Don't forget the Touch is the only model of iPod that includes support for Bluetooth.

9. iPhone

The iPhone is among the most widespread single model of smart phone in the US. Just about anything you can do on a laptop, you'll be able to accomplish on an iPhone, including Bluetooth streaming. Every type of iPhone right after the 3G have got support for Bluetooth.

8. An Android Phone

If you have a smart phone that isn’t and iPhone, you probably have an Android phone. Contrary to the iPhone, Androids come in in a wide variety of options. Some are compatible with Bluetooth, like the Samsung Galaxy S or the HTC DROID Incredible 2. While some other old phones might not be compatible, so be sure to verify the specifications prior to your purchase.

7. iPad

Apple’s latest device is the iPad. It’s pretty much just an overgrown iPhone, without the phone. It also is compatible for Bluetooth audio much like it’s cellular counterpart. Both the first and second generation iPad can support wireless headsets to listen to movies, games and music privately and wire-free.

6. All Other Tablets

The iPad isn’t the sole tablet in town anymore. Some good new gadgets have been released in case you are not big fans of Apple. These include tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, and Motorola Xoom, all which come with Bluetooth connectivity.

5. Laptops

Nearly all portable computers sold these days come with Bluetooth support. Because the technology has been in production for a while, it’s comparatively inexpensive to include when building computers now. Throw on some wire free earbuds when you’re working in public and listen in peace.

4. Netbook Computers

The smaller sibling of the laptop, the Netbook, is perfect for travel. They are suitable for trains, planes, and cars. This is when you might want using noise cancelling Bluetooth earbuds in order to cut out all distractions. Just like laptops, most Netbooks are standard with Bluetooth installed, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Game Consoles

If you play video games, you already know that games are best experienced with the volume turned up! However, you can't always blast your epic soundtracks and loud machine gun bursts all night. This is where something like a wireless headset will come to good use. Both the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii include Bluetooth support.

2. Home Audio System

The most recent fad in Bluetooth technology is the option to to listen to music from your own home stereo with your wireless earbuds. This can be done using wireless stereo adapters such as the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Gateway or the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver. This allows you to listen wirelessly to CDs, radio, movies, or even vinyl!

1. Any Device!

Don’t have any of the above devices? No worries! Any device which allows you to use standard headphones can be made to work with your Bluetooth earbuds by simply utilizing an adapter. Some fantastic adapters available include BlueBridge Mini-Jack or the Jabra Bluetooth Music Adaptor. Which means you just have no reason not to go out and get a pair of Bluetooth Earbuds for your device now!