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Disaster Movies

Disaster movies have long been one of my favorite genres of film. They are often mega-blockbusters that will set historic, long holding cinema records. Disaster films are a key importance in film, not only because of their high audience appeal. But, disaster films raise the bar for technology that is used in the other genres. These films continually push the limits of the special effects of their time and are some of the most expensive films to make. At the right cinema and with the right seats the results can be phenomenal for the viewer. Usually, disaster films do not contain deep dialog or even a very serious plot. They are written and produced for one reason and one reason only, and that is for pure, popcorn crunching entertainment. This article covers the top 10 disaster movies.

titanti DVD#1. Titanic (1997) Unlike most disaster film's. Titanic was of coursed based on a true event and thus had a very thick plot. Titanic not only has the best character development of the disaster film's. It also has one of the best character developments of any movie of all time. By the time the action hits, you really care for the characters and want them to survive. The movie had a 200 million dollar budget and when released became the highest grossing film of all time. With it's stunning visual effects and deep story line. You don't just watch Titanic you experience it.


Jurassic ParkDVD#2. Jurassic Park (1993)- An absolute favorite of mine. This movie brought dinosaurs to life for the first time and let the viewers experience the Jurassic world. The special effects on this film were ground breaking and even though this film is now over a decade old. It barely shows it's age. It's still able to put realistic looking dinosaurs in your living room. Jurassic Park is an excellent disaster film full of thrill after thrill. The T-Rex scenes are an amazing experience in a home theater when you combine a large screen and a powerful sub-woofer.

There were two more films that came after. Although, they were good disaster flicks in their own right. They paled in comparison to the first. There are rumors of a 4th film in the series that would bring back most of the original characters.

Jurassic ParkScene

Independence DayDVD#3. Independence Day (ID4) (1996) -Using a $71 million dollar budget, this 90's summer blockbuster puts the earth at the mercy of an alien race. The story starts as this alien race starts placing massive space ships at key points around the world. As the worlds minds work together to figure out the intentions of these beings, we find it's anything but peaceful. The movie then kicks in gear as we fight the aliens with our primitive technology and race to prevent the total destruction of mankind.

ID4 is a thrilling disaster film with absolutely insane special effects. As with most disaster films. The plot is weak and there isn't much character development. However, if you're going into it already knowing that, and just enjoy the movie for it's high-tech thrills.You will have a great time. It's a fantastic popcorn movie and it is also a superb choice to demo your home theater system.

Independence DayScene

The Poseidon adventureDVD#4.The Poseidon Adventure (1972) The greatest disaster movie to come from the 70's. The Poseidon Adventure takes us on a voyage on the S.S Poseidon on New Years eve. When a tidal wave capsizes the ship. The adventure begins as the survivors must work there way from the ballroom floor all the way to the bottom of the ship (now the top). With lots of thrills, obstacles, and a little drama along the way. The Poseidon Adventure will keep your attention from beginning to end.

The Poseidon adventureScene

Towering InfernoDVD#5.The Towering Inferno (1974) Another hot 70's disaster movie starring legendary actor Steve McQueen. This movie takes us to a premiere party being held in and for the worlds tallest skyscraper. Due to faulty wiring in the building, it catches a blaze and traps the occupants inside. A brave fireman and a highly regarded architect fight the fire as the people trapped struggle to escape. I wish they made more movies like this one.


TwisterDVd#6. Twister (1996) There have been quite a few movies involving tornado's over the years. However, none of them have really been excellent. Even Twister could have been much better. However, it is the best Tornado movie to date and if you look past it's flaws and just try to enjoy the movie for what it is. You will have a great time with it. Twister has amazing weather effects and sound. Crank up the volume on your home theater and this movie will put you right into the eye of the storm. As I said, this movie isn't perfect; but I haven't found a tornado movie to date that is; so this movie deserves the spot on this list.


Deep ImpactDVD#7. Deep Impact (1998) The best comet or asteroid disaster movie ever. Deep impact puts us in the situation of a comet being on a collision course with Earth. This disaster movie adds quite a bit more drama than a lot of the others on this list. It's a global disaster movie and there is a bit of a dramatic story with this one. As everyone on the planet all have to cope with the fact that they are all going to die. It's a believable disaster movie and a must have for disaster movie collectors.

Deep ImpactScene

Jaw DVD#8. Jaws (1975) The godfather of all animal disaster movies. Jaws is a cult classic. I think everyone who is reading this right now will remember the music played as that massive great white was closing in. This was a movie that made me fear the water after I watched it. Even though the shark today looks totally "cheesy" compared to todays standards. It still can make a person who has never watched it before jump and think twice about going in the water. It takes a great movie to do something like that. It's proof that it's not all about the effects. It's a combined total of everything in a movie and Spielberg nailed it. The sounds, the actors, the scenarios, everything was spot on in Jaws to make it a heart pounding, nail biting, tension filled ride.


The Ghost and the DarknessDVD#9. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996) Sadly, This is probably the least known of all disaster movies on this list. Like Jaws, this is an animal disaster movie. It's actually based on a true story. Starring, Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer its the true story of two lions in Africa that killed 130 people. This movie won an Oscar for best effects and sound. Like Jaws, this movie is full of tension. For those who haven't seen it, this is a must see.

The Ghost and the DarknessScene

VolcanoDVD#10. Volcano (1997)- The city of Los Angeles incurs another minor earthquake. Or so they thought. Unfortunately, directly below the city a Volcano has formed. This movie has a ridiculously laid out plot. But, its a fun ride. In this disaster film you get to watch ginormous amounts of lava destroy half of downtown Los Angeles and it's all up to Tommy Lee Jones, playing as the experienced EMD to save the city.


Folks, there you have it. A list of the greatest disaster movies of our time. If you haven't seen some of these, I highly advise you grab them. All of these popcorn flicks are a guaranteed filmtastic time.


For us disaster junkies, the disaster genre has slown down considerably over the years.
We haven't had any really great movies come out in some time. Hollywood has focused more and more on effects and it is starting to take it's toll on our beloved genre. Lets hope that in the coming years we will start seeing more great movies like the ones in this list, start making their way to our theaters. Thanks for reading. Godspeed.