If you love drama movies, there are many options that you should check out. These options could be huge blockbuster hits or could be smaller films that were more independent. When you are looking for some great movies, you want to make sure that you are checking out the top 10 drama movies of 2012. There are all kinds of great 2012 movies in the drama category to take a look at and to make sure that you have some great drama movies to watch and to really get excited over.

#1 - Once Upon a Time in Anatolla

In this 2012 drama movie, there are a group of people that take a drive through the Anatollan countryside so that they can find a dead body of a person that was the victim of a murder. Since the suspected killer was drunk, he can’t remember and they spend the movie trying to find this movie and dealing with all the unique personalities that are going to make this a great drama movie and something that stands out for great 2012 movies.

#2 - Roadie

Roadie is a very interesting movie and a great choice for 2012 movies. When you are looking for drama movies, this movie takes the cake. As a roadie with the Blue Oyster Cult for 20 years, Jimmy Testagros has to return home to deal with his ailing mother. He meets with old friends and old flames and starts to have feelings for a person that he previously had fallen in love with. The problem is that she is married to one of his best friends and the drama begins.

#3 - Battlefield America

Battlefield America is one of the more interesting drama movies of 2012. This 2012 movie is the story of a young businessman that finds himself mixed in with a group of misfit kids. Sean Lewis, the businessman, helps these kids and teaches them the dance moves that they need. In the meantime, he falls in love with the instructor that he hires to help the kids and it starts to spiral from there. A great drama that teaches about the harder parts of life and what happens when you are dealing with those issues and everything that is related to them

#4 - Moonrise Kingdom

This is story of young love. In Moonrise Kingdom, there are two, twelve year old kids who fall in love with each other. These kids make a plan that is a secret and run away into the wilderness together. Their families are scared and people make attempts to try to find them, however, during the search a storm picks up and they can’t search FOR THEIR KIDS. This is a movie that has Bruce Willis in it and definitely something that you want to be watching as a great choice for 2012 movies that are in the drama category.

#5 - Loosies

In this drama film, a pickpocket is on the streets of New York City and he is confronted by a woman that he has a passionate and heated one night affair with. She leaves and comes back pregnant and Bobby, who literally lives day to day is forced to reevaluate his life and make decisions so that he can raise a family and be with the girl that he is falling in love with. For 2012 movies and drama movies, this is a great choice and will have you on the edge of your seat.

#6 - Albatross

Albatross is the story of a frustrated author Jonathan and the struggle that is going through. For 2012 movies about drama, this is a great pick and one to watch. His world is flipped around when his family and himself are introduced to a would-be writer named Emelia. Emelia makes friends with Jonathan’s daughter Beth and starts to lead her on a path away from the focused path that she is currently on, which bothers her mother. It isn’t long before she has gotten under Jonathan’s skin and this drama is something that everyone should check out.

#7 - The Hunger Games

There probably wasn’t a larger movie for drama movies than The Hunger Games. In fact, when it comes to 2012 movies, this was one of the most successful. With a futuristic spin on 1984, there is a tournament that involves children that are fighting to the death with their games. The government wants to use this as an intimidation factor so that they can keep control over their citizens and have the control that is necessary.

#8 - Lawless

Lawless is a great movie for drama in 2012. This is a movie that hit the theatre late in 2012 and is a huge hit. In this movie, the actor that was in Transformers plays a take on a true story that is filled with drama. This is a gangster meets western style movie and is a true story of brothers that are involved in bootlegging and must fight their way away from the law so that they are able to continue on their path and provide for themselves and their family. Obsessed with Al Capone, these gangster wannabes try their best to stay out of trouble and keep their lifestyle alive.

#9 - Taken 2

When it comes to incredible movies, you need to make sure that you are checking out Taken 2. The first one was a great drama choice and the second one would be even better for drama movies and 2012 movies that are going to be a huge hit. Liam Neeson and the cast are back as a retired CIA agent that has to protect his daughter Kim and his wife from the people that are after them.

#10 - Life of Pi

The Life of Pi is a newer drama movie for 2012 movies. This is a story of an Indian boy named Pi who sets adrift the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger, orangutan, zebra, and a hyena. He heads out on an amazing adventure for a boy that is his age and faces the world with them.