About Dubai

Dubai is considered a sprawling city of UAE located at north side of Abu Dhabi. Driving distance between these two emirates is approximately one hour. This city has built-up its image as one of the well constructed cities of the world that have number of huge and beautifully built buildings, resorts and amusement parks. Travelers and visitors can experience fun activities available there. Major Dubai attractions include shopping malls and hotels. Unique thing about this city is that it offers diverse range of activities for people of all ages with different moods. If you really want to make most with your travel to Dubai, it is suggested to plan your trip here during cultural events held here. This city is very suitable to host carnivals, awards and festival events. Dubai is considered a crime free and cosmopolitan city that offers good fun activities for everyone beyond the limitations of nationalities, religion and age.

Dubai Attractions

Top 10 Dubai Attractions for Tourists

Top 10 Dubai Attractions for Tourists

Dubai is a Middle Eastern country located on Persian Gulf has become a favorite destination for holiday makers and tourists. It is a place that is filled with lot of things to do and diverse people to meet. Local residents of Dubai are very friendly and they feel good to guide travelers and visitors about their customs and traditions. This city offers countless entertainment activities and a number of worth seeing places for everyone who visits this land. It is impossible to cover everything in one post. In order to provide you a brief idea about famous places and top ten Dubai attractions below I will discuss about some most renowned places and favorite fun activities available here.

  • Dubai Creek
  • Burj Khalifa/Burj Dubai
  • Ski Dubai
  • Desert Safari and Hot Air Balloon
  • Wild Wadi Park
  • Dubai Sea Plane Flight
  • Palm Jumeriah Island
  • Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates
  • Dubai Museum and Jumeriah Mosque
  • Nightclubs and Cruise Ships

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is an amazing place to visit. It is the seawater inlet cutting through the centre of the city. This is a historical place of this city. You can enjoy Abra ride (a small water taxi) to cross creek. This place offers wide choice of hotels for tourists. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of creek from your room even.

Burj Khalifa/Burj Dubai

Burj Khalifa/Burj Dubai is the only seven star hotels in world. It is a giant sail like tallest building of the world. You can virtually see this building anywhere in the city. This hotel has super luxury rooms with full size bath Jaccuzzi and private check-in system. You can hire Rolls Royce or Helicopter to take a city tour. Everyone can not afford these luxuries but building itself is worth to watch.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the largest ski resort in the world. It has total 5 ski runs that differ in difficulty level. Even an inexperienced skier or beginners can enjoy skiing here. It also provides all skiing accessories for everyone who visits this place. It is a place that offers real fun for all. Be sure to dress warm clothes as the temperature there is very low. Basic ski tutorials are also provided for beginners so that they can have real fun.

Desert Safari and Hot Air Balloon

Your travel to Dubai will be incomplete if you miss a ride on Desert Safari. You can experience weather changes and natural desert by choosing Desert Safari available in different timings like Morning (2 hours), Evening (6 hours) and Over Night Desert Safari according to your preferences. You will be able to explore stunning desert sunset. Other things you can enjoy include Arabic food, camel riding, rolling sand dunes ride and belly dance. You can also enjoy a trip on hot air balloons to watch beautiful sunrise and travel across the desert to watch marvelous camels.

Wild Wadi Park

Wild Wadi Park is the famous water park in this city that amuses people of all ages. This is the place that provides full entertainment for whole family. This park has number of exciting and adventurous rides. It also has waterslides, wave pools and surfing machines. This park has so much to do that you can spend a whole day of your holiday here. All adventure activities are themed on Arabian Legend of Adventurism Juba and his friend Sinbad.

Dubai Sea Plane Flight

It is also a real fun activity to do during your short stay at Dubai. You can enjoy 40 minutes seaplane flight over the sea. It is a real amazing activity you can enjoy.

Palm Jumeriah Island

Palm Jumeriah is a world famous man made wonder of the world that look like a palm tree. It is the largest artificial manmade Island in the world. The total land area is larger than 800 football pitches. The size is amazing it is 5 kilometers by 5 kilometers. Only celebrities and rich people can afford to own high class luxury villas to live.

Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates

Dubai Mall and Mall of emirates are the two well known malls of this city that are not less than heaven for those who love shopping. Dubai Mall is the largest mall of world whereas Mall of Emirates possesses almost every brand around the world. These malls also drag number of people every year during the shopping festivals. Dubai also has a sports city that has huge range of sports facilities like golf, hockey, rugby, golf, cricket, swimming and tennis.

Dubai Museum and Jumeriah Mosque

Dubai Museum and Jumeirah Mosque are the two unique attractions for tourists and travelers who visit this city. Dubai Museum houses in Al Fahidi Fort whereas mosque is open for people of all religions. It is an important landmark that describes ancient tradition and modern art work.

Nightclubs and Cruise Ships

Dubai also has lot of fun stuff for nocturnal visitors who love to hangout during night times. You can find more than 100 energetic nightspots across the city where you can party whole night. You are allowed to consume alcohol. You can also enjoy live music there. Other night attractions include cruise ships that let you enjoy lights and music during eating dinners. You can also enjoy belly dance at cruise ships. The Dhow Cruise in Dubai is one of the Dubai’s famous cruise ship services.


These are the few examples of top 10 Dubai Attractions for Tourists. Don’t limit yourself just to visit these places only. There are lots of other entertainment options that Dubai offers to everyone during their short stay at Dubai. You can enjoy shopping and wide range of games and explore worth seeing buildings. Due to fast growth is travel and tourism industry, number of people visiting Dubai is increasing rapidly. These migrants and travelers needs some accommodation place. This city has number of short term rental Dubai properties to accommodate these foreigners.