Ways to Save MoneyTop 10 Efficient ways to save money

There are many articles available today that list numerous ways to help you save money, however many of these steps are unrealistic and do not apply to the way most of us go about our daily lives.I have put together a list of realistic ways to help you save money. These tips are attainable for most people and you do not have to drastically change your quality of life to be successful at it. Take a few minutes to master these steps and you can be sure to trim down your expenses for the coming year.

Tips on Ways to Save Money

1. Leave your credit cards at home. Try to hide your credit cards ins a secure place in your home. If you take your credit card out of your wallet it is a lot harder to spend money. Use credit cards for emergencies only.

2. Switch your bank account if they are charging you user fees. You should not have to pay maintenance fees with a bank and you should be receiving a competitive interest rate.

3. Have people over instead of going out. Have each person bring their own appetizer, games, alcohol etc. This will save you tons of money on entertainment bills.

4. Ask for a rate reduction on your credit card. Call your credit card company and let them know
that you would like a reduction on your rate or you will take your business somewhere else.

5. Make sure to drink more water. By drinking more water you are not only gaining health benefits but you also tend to eat less. Therefore saving money on food consumption throughout your day.

6. Always eat breakfast. Breakfast provides energy throughout your day, and will deter you from purchasing snacks throughout your day.

7. Try to take public transportation. This is great for the environment and will save you money in gas, vehicle repairs and parking.

8. Try to use the online bill payment site that is available with your bank. This allows
you to watch your spending daily and will save you money on mailing your bill payments.

9. Turn the television off. This will cut down your electrical bill and will more importantly
provide you with less exposure to ads of new products.

10. Always turn your lights off before you leave your house. You do not need to have lights on in your house when you are not there. By turning your lights off you will save tons on your energy bills throughout the year.