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Don't be caught without an answer to these tough interview questions

First of all, always show up to the interview neat, clean, presentable, open, honest and not overly talkative. Get there on time if not early for the interview.

Always think a few seconds before answering any questions. Bring one of the best interview props I've ever seen to your interview: A bottle of water. This helps you two ways. First you WILL have a dry mouth so this helps keep your voice strong. And secondly but just as important, taking a sip before you answer a question will give you that extra few seconds to help gather your thoughts and help you to appear composed.

And now on to the questions:

1.) What is your biggest failure, what are your weaknesses?

State that I am not perfect but I work hard not to put myself in negative situations. Explaining your weaknesses depends on the position that you are interviewing for. Always name a weakness that is unrelated to the job.

2.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Be careful answering this one with things like “Being a boss” or running the crew. They are looking for workers & co-workers at this point so you want to state that you would still be honing your craft & learning.

3.) What if one of your co-workers was negative towards you, how would you deal with him or her?

They are looking for problem solving skills here. You want to say you would speak to him to find out what the problem is and solve it while still preserving your working relationship.

4.) What does “PPE” stand for? or How do you view safety?

PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. They are fishing for your attitude towards safety here. A safe workplace is important to employers two ways; They need reliable workers who can stay unhurt and on the job, and they save money on their insurance premiums by having a low accident rate.

5.) Why do you think we should hire you?

This question usually finds it’s way into most interviews. This is your chance to add anything and everything that you may not have had the chance to talk about during the rest of the interview. Sell yourself, talk about your work ethic and how you would be a quality worker both now and in the future for this company or union.