Whether you are looking for pastry tools, baking pans, or silicone spatulas, there is some equipment that is necessary for baking! The majority of experienced cooks and bakers will have all of these items in their kitchen; however, new home owners may be on the lookout for the essential baking tools and equipment that they should buy.

I am not the most experienced baker in the world; however, I have baked some delicious cookies, muffins, and cupcakes using a variety of the essential baking tools and equipment that I have listed throughout this article!

I would not recommend heading to the kitchen section of your local store and buying all of these baking supplies immediately, as your bill would be well over $700. However, I do recommend buying each piece of equipment that is necessary for baking as it is needed. For example, hold off from buying that silicone baking pan until you absolutely need it!

10. A Set Of Measuring Spoons

I have placed these at the top of this list of baking tools because they are not absolutely necessary for baking; you can manage to complete recipes without them! Most of the ingredients in a recipe can be measured out using the simple teaspoons and tablespoons that you have in your kitchen drawer! In addition, these are probably the cheapest out of all of the essential baking tools and equipment that you find throughout the article; they will only cost you about $15!

9. Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is one of the most useful pastry tools because it can be used to cook many dinner items as well (such as pizzas). I would recommend buying a wooden rolling pin because it will nearly never dent! In addition, a good rolling pin may cost you about $50, but will last over 10 years!

 8. Electronic Mixer

An electronic mixer is one of the most expensive baking products that you will find throughout this article; however, it is used to mix nearly any baking supply that is listed as one of your ingredients! I would hold off on buying an electronic mixer until you have purchased some of the other essential baking tools and equipment! It may be difficult to mix some of the baking ingredients by hand at first, but not spending a huge chunk of money on an electronic mixer right away will pay off in the long run!

7. Kitchen Scissors And Kitchen Knives

I did not realize how necessary these baking tools were until I had tried to cut some cookie dough with a regular pair of paper scissors! Not only does a pair of kitchen scissors cut through pastries much better than a regular pair does, but they can also be cleaned in a much easier manner!

6. Measuring Cups For Dry Materials

There are 10 essential baking tools and equipment listed throughout this article, and the sets of measuring cups fall right in the middle of the list! Every recipe includes an ingredient list with the amounts listed on it. There isn’t a recipe that says to include “flour”, they all say to include a specific amount of flour (such as 1 cup of flour). A decent set of measuring cups will cost you about $30, but will last you a lifetime.

5. Measuring Cups For Liquids

Out of all of the equipment that is necessary for baking, I would recommend buying these first! A set of measuring cups for liquids is literally essential for measuring out the ingredients in virtually every recipe! These measuring cups can be found in the kitchenware section of your local store. I would highly recommend trying out some Pyrex dishes; they may cost you an arm and a leg, but they will last a lifetime of baking.

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4. Oven Mitts

Realistically, you can wrap a kitchen towel around your hand and attempt to take the hot baking pan; however, the chances are that you will get burned after doing it enough times! Not only are oven mitts some of the most essential baking tools to have in your kitchen, but they are also completely affordable! A pair of oven mitts can be found in the bakeware section of your local department store for a mere $5!

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3. A Set Of Mixing Bowls And Baking Pans

A set of mixing bowls and baking pans are considered to be more essential than some of the baking equipment on this list, but not as essential as the next 2 items! At the end of the day, many recipes can be completed without these tools, so they are not absolutely essential baking tools; however, they would make a great addition to your cookware collection!

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2. Silicone Spatulas

Silicone seems to be the cooking material of the future, and is being used in essential baking tools and equipment. Not only do silicone spatulas absorb the heat, rather than transfer it to the person’s hand, but they also cool down much quicker!

1. The Most Important Baking Tool-A Kitchen Timer

The final product on this list of the most essential baking tools and equipment is a kitchen timer. 99.9% of recipes will tell you to leave the raw ingredients in the oven for a certain amount of time; a kitchen timer is the perfect item to add to your bakeware collection because it will allow you to accurately time how long the ingredients have been in the oven for! With that being said, you can find a kitchen timer being sold in the kitchenware section of your local Home Hardware or Canadian Tire!