I just purchased a Droid X and got it all set up the way I wanted.  Since I was overwhelmed by the number of apps available, I decided to list my top ten must have apps.  I know there are many more great apps, but this is a perfect starting point. 

I love this app.  It turns my phone into a radio that always plays something good.  Just like the internet version, all you do is choose an artist and Pandora creates a channel with music by that artist and similar music.  If you already subscribe to Pandora online, all you have to do is sign in on your phone.

Dolphin Internet Browser
The default browser is a bit unwieldy and difficult to use.  Dolphin is just easier.  It also has some apps and add ons to make things even better.

This is a great way to keep track of all your news.  It has a widget that shows your top feed directly on your screen.  When you open the app, you can decide to see your wall, friends, notifications, or chat.  You can do everything you need to do in Facebook without even using a web browser.

While you're being social, you might want to use just chat.  Meebo will keep track of your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google and other Instant Message accounts and allow you to chat with through any of them.  It's like Trillian on your phone.

Mobo Player
This is the best video player out there.  It will play regular video files on your phone.  If a file says it's in the wrong format, you can just hold it to open a menu that will change the mode and play it for you.  I haven't found a video I can't play on Mobo!

Android Assistant
This does a lot!  My favorite is the home screen where it shows how much memory you're using.  From there you can kill apps that you're not currently using.  YOu can also adjust settings, remove temporary files, and generally manage your phone.  I prefer this to the settings menu as it makes things more intuitive and easier to find.

Page Once
This one is great for starting or following a budget.  It's also a great way to quickly see all your finances.  Once you enter your bank and credit card info, it updates constantly and shows you balances and statements.  You'll always know how much money you have and how much money is available on any given credit card.

This is the best note-taking and reminder program I've found.  I use it to keep track of ideas and for little reminders.  It's super quick with the phone's voice recognition - you can just record your reminder.  It will also connect to your online Evernote account, so you can update on your phone or from any computer.  You can use it to tag and organize notes, emails, PDF files, or pictures.

My Fitness Pal
This one may not apply to everyone, but I did a lot of searching for a decent calorie counter.  My Fitness Pal has an easy to use format to enter each meal and a search feature (you can use the voice recognition or type) to find any food you want.  Everything I've eaten was in their data base and was quick and easy to find.

This is my favorite yellow pages type of app.  When you open it, there are categories for food, drink, play, and local info.  It also includes local gas prices and coupons/deals.  It lists places closest to you or you can search for a specific place. You can see reviews instantly, get directions, or call and check in.