Free First Dates
Credit: Guian Bolisay

The first date – though nerve wrecking, I believe that this is one of the most memorable dates you will ever have with your loved one. Some people go all out and put their best foot forward to make sure that their partner has a good time. However, does this really need to be the case? Do you really need to shell out a lot of cash just so you can have fun? Of course not! If you’re on a budget, here are top 10 free first dates ideas that you can your lover can do that are as sweet as a reservation at a 5 star restaurant.

#1: Long Walk on the Beach

Long Walk On The BeachCredit: Nathan Rupert via Flickr

Is there anything even more romantic? (Well, you can just judge the list later). But a walk on the beach is definitely one of the most romantic dates ever. Most of all, it’s free! This is very ideal for people who reside near the beach. Otherwise, travelling defeats the purpose of it being free. Choose a time in the day where you can actually have quite time. There should not be too much people, the sun should not be too hot as well. The perfect time would be when the sun is about to set or early morning when the sun is not too direct.

# 2: Go Jogging

Couple JoggingCredit: Ed Yourdon via Flickr

You are probably in a good mode now because you and your partner are about to go on your first day. But do you know what could do to make the mood even brighter? Go jogging! When your body gets in activity such as jogging (or other strenuous activities, for that matter), it produces endorphins or what we like to call as “happy hormones”. Thus, you become happier and you get to become healthier, too! Now, isn’t that a great way to kick off a great relationship?

# 3: Watch a DVD at Home

Watch a DVD at HomeCredit: Corie Howell via Flickr

If you and your partner are movie geeks, then both of you will benefit from a movie marathon at home. A great idea would to bring a copy of your favorite movies and then watch them together. This would even be better if your partner has not watched the film yet. Grab some snacks that you can find in the fridge while you’re at it. A blanket and some firewood in the fireplace would be great for a chilly night, too!

# 4: Play Video Games

Video Game DateCredit: kleemo via Flickr

This first date idea is great for couples who love the gaming scene. It would be great to schedule your date on a day where a new game is released so both of you can try it together. It’s fun to have that same kind of excitement with someone over something you both love! It will be a very interesting first date. Plus, these games are usually those that you need to play continuously over the internet so you can expect more dates in the future.

# 5: Dance The Night Away

Dance the night awayCredit: Tom Godber via Flickr

If you are both blessed in that department, then it would be a great idea to literally dance the night away. There are a lot of clubs or places that have great music to dance to. You won’t even need to spend a dime. This would be a great 1st step if you want to get intimate with your partner.

# 6: Stargaze

StargazeCredit: Kris Williams via Flickr

If you and your partner is a night owl, then stargazing would be the perfect free first date for the both of you. Find a great spot in the city which isn’t too crowded. If you can volunteer your roof or balcony, then go ahead and do so. That would make the experience more intimate for the both of you! Grab some blankets and some wine and just relax for this is going to be a great night.  

# 7: Volunteer at a Local Charity

Volunteering DateCredit: El gran sueno via Flickr

Giving is always a great activity, either alone or with someone special. This is perfect for couples that love volunteering and giving back. It’s free to volunteer. All you need to do invest is your time. Plus, the great thing about giving is that it gives you good vibes – and good vibes is what you want on your first date!

# 8: Watch the Sunset

Watch the sunsetCredit: Ed Cilley via Flickr

The sunset is one of the most romantic settings that both of you could experience. Those red lines, orange background and warm but cold feeling of the day giving way to the night is perfect indeed. Most of all, it’s for free! You can go to the park, at the beach, at a balcony – doesn’t really matter because the sun blesses us with its grace every single day no matter where we are in the world.

# 9: Sporting Events


Sport Crowd DateCredit: fox2mike via Flickr

Nowadays, both men and women are into the sporting scene. If you’re both hooked up to the NBA playoffs, then why don’t you schedule your date during a live screening of one of the games of the teams you support and even play around with a bet or something! Gets that adrenaline rushing!

# 10: Jam Session

Jam Session DateCredit: Maurice via Flickr

If you don’t want to shell out cash to watch a band, then why don’t you just jam with your lover? This is perfect for couples who are musically inclined. A guitar is enough to keep the fire burning for the night. Enjoy your favorite jams and sing to your favorite tunes for free!