Imagine this...the morning of December 25th rolls around and you wake up to open your gifts, and you end up laughing your head off at the item that is inside of the wrapping paper! This is what funny Christmas presents will do!

Have you ever wanted to get someone a gift that will allow them to laugh for hours on end, and even giggle every single time that they look at or use the gift? The truth of the matter is that getting someone one of the hilarious Christmas gifts that are listed throughout this article will allow this to happen!

Choose 1 of these 10 Christmas presents, and you will surely make people laugh for hours on end!

10. “SWAG” Men’s Sweatshirt

“Swag” seems to be the trending word to mean cool or hip...people seem to be saying it more and more often! This Swag sweatshirt is one of the funniest Christmas gifts and is bound to make nearly anyone laugh! To top it off, this sweatshirt can be worn on nearly any occasion. This is one of the funny gifts that is actually useful!

9. Christmas Cufflinks With Robin On A Holly Branch

These cufflinks can also be very useful because they can be worn with a dress shirt around the Christmas season! They feature a snowy xmas scene, and are bound to attract some attention! In addition to making the person laugh, these Christmas cufflinks are perfect for people that enjoy the holiday season!

8. “Oh No! Not You Again” Black Doormat

I cannot think of a funnier Christmas gift to give to a new homeowner. People that have just purchased houses are often looking to receive household items as gifts, and this is one of the best ones to give to them! This doormat will surely make them laugh, and can actually be used in their home!

Present Time Oh No Door Mat with Rubber Coating, Black
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(price as of Sep 26, 2016)

7. Blackboard Mathematics Quiz Clock

Are you buying a Christmas gift for a mathematician? If you are, this is definitely one of the funny Christmas presents that you should consider buying! Instead of displaying the numbers around the clock, it displays various equations that equate to the corresponding numbers!

6. Funny Duck iPhone Case

Everyone seems to be looking for the best way to protect their cell phone. This funny duck silicone case will protect an iPhone and make the person laugh at the same time! What makes this gift even better is the fact that the person will be seeing it hundreds of times every day. Seeing this funny Christmas gift that many times per day will surely make them laugh!

5. Penguin Shaped Ear Buds

The simple matter of fact is that these ear buds actually resemble penguins! With that being said, they are one of the best funny Christmas presents that you can get your hands on because they will not only make the person with the ear buds laugh, but also everyone else around them!

4. Mr. Lazy Mug- Wild And Wolf

The fact of the matter is that 99% of people are lazy in the is the fresh cup of coffee that usually wakes people up! Novelty mugs are the perfect Christmas gifts for coworkers or neighbours, and this one is sure to make people laugh! Purchase this funny Christmas gift for your favourite co-worker, and they will surely have a laugh every morning!

3. 80`s Style Shutter Sunglasses

These sunglasses were famous in the 1980’s, and many people could be found wearing them throughout that decade! However, buying these colorful shades for someone that was born in the 90’s is not the best idea! These are the funniest Christmas presents for people that were in their early 20’s throughout the 80’s because it will bring back a TON of memories for them! Buy someone a pair of these shutter sunglasses for Christmas, and they will surely reminisce!

2.  President Obama Toilet Paper

This would be a hilarious Christmas present for anyone that lives in the United States because Obama is an absolute legend in regards to the presidency! This toilet paper, as an xmas gift, will surely make the person laugh every single time that they have to visit the washroom!

1. Set Of 6 Mustache Drink Markers

I have seen hundreds of drink markers from key rings to washable crayons, but I have never seen ones that were this hilarious! This set of mustache drink markers is sure to make everyone laugh, and is the perfect gift for a new homeowner! What makes this gift even better is the fact that they can be used in November as “Movember” drink markers!

Kikkerland Dapper 'Staches Silicone Drink Markers, Set of 6
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(price as of Sep 26, 2016)

These are not the only funny Christmas presents that you can buy for your spouses, children, and friends; however, they are definitely the 10 ones that will make them laugh the most!