Fun Games to play in the CarTop 10 Games to Play in the Car

Going on a road trip or even taking a simple car ride to the grocery store with your familky and friends is a perfect oppurtunity to spend some quality time together. However, for those car rides that are longer then ususal thinking of things to talk about and do may become more of a chore than an oppurtunity.Why not introduce a new game to play in the car that everyone in the can enjoy. I have provided a list below of simple, but fun games that your entire family and your friends are sure to enjoy.

Fun Car Games

1. Theme Song Game- Have one person in the car hum or whistle a theme song from a television show. This game is great for all ages, just make sure the person or people that you are playing with are familiar with the television show.

2. The Selling Game- To start this game one person in the car must create a sentence in which someone owns a particuliar store. For example a starting sentence could be, "My Sister owns a pet store and she sells" or "My uncle owns a convenience store and he sells". The first person must then name an item that is sold in this particuliar store and that starts with the letter "A". The game will continue until you make it to the letter"Z". To make this game even harder, have each person name all the items that people have named up until he names a new

3. Radio Word Game- Each person in the car must pick one word and keep track of how many times the word is used on the radio. Each person must should keep track of their own word. This game is great to play for a set period of time. The person whose word is used the most Wins!

4. ABC Game- The person that finds the most letters of the albpabet wins. Once one person has found a letter, that letter can no longer be claimed by the other players. Letters can be found on billboards, license plates, stores etc.

5. ABC Word Game- This is an extention of the ABC Game. Once all letter of the alphabet have been claimed, each person then has a set period of time to make as many words out of their letters as possible. The person with the most amount of words at the end of the set time period wins. You may want to give extra points to those players that can make a word with 7 letters or more.

6. "What am I" Game- One person in the car has to decide on what they want to be and start the game by indicating if they are a person, place or thing. The other people in the car then have to ask questions such as "can you walk" or "are you purple". The person that guesses what the person is wins.

7. Last letter Game- In this game each person takes a turn naming a particuliar animal, city, movie star etc. Depending on your chosen theme the next person must then name another animal, city, movie star etc. that starts with the last letter of the word previously used.

8. Chistmas Light Game- Each person must take a certain side of the road and count how many times they see Christmas lights on their side. The person who has the most homes with Christmas lights on them wins. This game can be played with a variety of different themes, other then Christmas Lights. For instance, if your driving through the country, count how many cows you have on your side. You can be very creative with this game.

9. License Plate Game- The person that finds the most locations of license plates wins.

10. Scavenger Hunt Game- Provide each person with a list of items that they must find while travelling in the car. The person that finds all their items first wins.