golf shoesMany golfers practice to hopefully become professionals. However, golf players don’t have to be professionals to wear hand crafted golf shoes. When a golfer tees off, it is necessary to have good traction on the ground’s surface. Having a good pair of golf shoes will improve slipping, twisting and sliding of the feet inside the shoe.

Bad golf shoes tend to rub the feet and therefore cause callouses. They can also create a blistering effect on the feet that could potentially put the golfer out of the game. Advanced technology now provides golf shoes that have a firm grip and provide excellent comfort while playing the game. Here is a list of the top 10 golf shoes utilized by golfers of all skill levels.

Top Ten Golf Shoes

(1) Ecco World Class GTX

Ecco World Class GTX is in the top 10 golf shoes when it comes to gripping power. They are handcrafted and provide golfers the comfort that is needed to complete a round of golf. The World Class GTX is made out of leather, and is also waterproof. The GTX has an extra layer of padding that provides optimal comfort. The cleats within the shoe provide a suburb grip. A good grip is important while preparing to swing. The Ecco World Class GTX also incorporates a Gore-Tex interior lining that provides a dry and cool area for the feet. These shoes are highly recognized by professional golfers.

(2) Footjoy Icon

The Footjoy Icon golf shoe has a retro style icon range, and is one of the top selected golf shoes. The Footjoy Icon looks great, and provides a leather waterproof top. The shoes come with an extra advantage. The golf shoes can actually become customized by the use of Myjoys Shoe Customizer. The shoes come in an array of styles to choose from. The Footjoy Icon golf shoe is a fine addition to any golfer’s collection.

(3) Adidas AdiPure

Adidas AdiPure golf shoes come in a modern style that is incorporated with a leather grained top. There are many different color selections. The shoes have a dual action advantage. It is a beautiful golf shoe. The modern styling feature attracts a younger group of golfers. These Adidas shoes are also waterproof. Adidas AdiPure is recognized for providing top performing shoes in golfing.

(4) Adidas Tour 360

Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes are known for their durability. This shoe provides ultimate comfort levels, and allows golfers to remain on the course for longer periods of time. This golf shoe may be utilized for all levels of golfing; the Adidas Tour 360 shoes are used by beginners and professionals. The golf shoes are known for providing excellent stability and support. The 360 shoe is incorporated with a wrap. The wrap enables golfers to achieve solid platform hitting, while providing stability and support.

(5) Nike Air Zoom Elite

Nike Air Zoom Elite is a top-quality golf shoe that includes features like full-grain premium leather on the top of the shoe. It also offers lateral support of the foot and is full-length. The Nike Air Zoom Elite’s style in modern, water resistant, and provides ultimate comfort. The shoe is incorporated with a zoom air unit located within the heel. The zoom air provides optimal cushioning and stability. The Nike Air Zooms pave the way for optimal traction, comfort and durability. The Nike shoe has a variety of channeled out-soles that provide ultimate balance while enabling a better weight transfer during the golf swing.

(6) Footjoy Greenjoys

Footjoy Greenjoys are cushioned with fit-bed uppers. The uppers are soft and have easy maintenance. The Footjoy Greenjoys have a FTS spike. They also have rubber out-soles that are EVA/Duramax TM. The shoe also features a Shadow TM cleat and offers all golfers excellent grip during a golf round. The golf shoe also offers water resistance, and is an excellent investment for golfers.

(7) Footjoy Dryjoy

PODS technology has taken golfing to an extreme level. The Footjoy Dryjoy features leather uppers that are waterproof and enhanced with opti-flex zones. This golf shoe has flex points within the outer-sole that supports the golf shoe connection to the ground.

(8) Callaway X Series Hyperbolic

The Callaway X is an excellent choice for locking your feet to the ground. Golfers of all levels will be astonished with the gripping power this shoe provides to the Achilles tendon. The Callaway golf shoe has a non-slip advantage. The shoe is made of lightweight material which enables excellent performance levels.

(9) Oakley Bow Tie

Oakley Bow Tie golf shoes have become a favorite to golfers of all levels. This golf shoe has a leather exterior, is water resistant, has optimal cushioning, and is contoured for perfect fit.

(10) Puma Swing GTX

The Puma Swing golf shoes have a mixture of modern technology and old school features. This shoe evolved as a super sleek model. The golf shoe is elegant and has a retro style. It has a leather upper and is waterproof. The shoe is unique while utilizing smart quills. This shoe does not require the use of soft spikes.