Looking to scare friends,neighbours, strangers on Halloween?  Want this trick or treat night to be something to be remembered? Then check out these top 10 Halloween pranks.  Some are easier than others, but all are very effective.  So get your thinking cap on now, and get prepped to scare those trick or treaters or cause havoc at your party this year.

1.  Cut Hole in Plastic Bowl – This is a quick and easy one to scare those trick or treaters at the door on Halloween night.  Get a large plastic bowl from the dollar store, and carefully cut a hole in the bottom just big enough for your hand to fit through. (make sure there are no sharp edges) then make your hand look ugly with long nasty nails and veins if you can.  Put your hand in the bowl and then fill it with candy.

Look like you are offering the bowl of candy to the kids, and then let them feel or see your moving hand.  This will get an instant scream!

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2.  Dress Up as a Yard Decoration – Before Halloween, put out a scarecrow or mummy or something similar in your yard, and then on Halloween night, dress yourself up the same as these statues you had standing there for the last little while.

Replace the fake one with you.  Have someone else in the house giving out candy, and then when the kids come to the door, you will move towards them, this is really effective, as they will have been used to seeing the inanimate objects.

3.  Hide in bushes – If you have a heavily treed or landscaped yard, you can decorate as per usual for Halloween night, and then dress all in dark and hide in the bushes, as the kids go by on their way up your driveway or near your porch you rustle the bushes and make yowls or noises.

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4.  Grave and Tombstone – Setup your yard to look like a grave with a tombstone, rake up a pile of leaves, and lay down on the ground in front of the tombstone near where the kids will be walking, cover yourself with leaves, and then as they approach the house, start to rise.  This one works really well.

Just make sure you dress in warm clothing as you will be laying on the ground.

If you are having a Halloween party, then here are some great Halloween pranks to get the party going.

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5.  Fake Body in the Bathtub – At some point someone will use the bathroom, so keep the shower curtain closed, and lay a fake body in there.  People tend to be nosey in other people’

Top 10 Halloween Pranks(62742)s bathrooms, so this will make them scream.

6.  Face In the Bathroom Window – If your bathroom has an outside window, you can get a good realistic Haloween mask and glue it to the window.  If you get one that glows in the dark, then it will show when they head into the bathroom.  It will look like a “peeping tom”

Top 10 Halloween Pranks

7.  Fake spiders and insects in the drinks cooler – just before your party gets going, get some ice for your cooler and then add your fake but very realistic spiders and insects then add the drinks.  As the ice melts, these spiders and insects will float in the water and will cause a few screams.

8.  Spiders in Medicine Cabinet – You would be surprised how many people will check out your medicine cabinet.  So be prepared ahead of time, and place some fake spiders, insects or jumping toys, that will give them a fright! 

9.  Hide in Closet – If you have a few people helping you with your party, then get one person to dress up as a mummy or simply wear a really realistic scary mask, and then hide in the closet.  When they go into the closet to hang up their jacket then you jump out.  Simple and yet very effective.

10.  Brown gummy worms in apple – If you like to make candy apples, and are having a Halloween party, then try this funny prank.  Purchase some brown gummy worms, or black, just something realistic looking.  Core a piece out of the apple and save the piece.  Stuff the worm or half of a worm in the space you created in the apple, and then try and put as much of the apple piece back as you can, and then dunk in your caramel coating.

When your guests bite into the apple, at some point they are going to bite that spot and find the worm.  The texture will give them a start.  This one works quite well as you can disguise the scar where you cut the apple with the caramel coating. 

Halloween pranks can be a lot of fun.  With all the realistic props on the market now, you can easily create graphic images and props that will add to the ambiance of the night.


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The trick is to be prepared, especially if you are hosting the Halloween party.  Plan which room it will be in.  Your guests will be looking for the obvious, so having a few simple pranks such as the fake spiders in the cooler work well.

If you really want to scare the neighbourhood trick or treaters, then you will need to plan your approach for your porch or front yard ahead of time.  You can even add outdoor speakers and simply create the mood for the night with howls and yowls.  This puts everyone on edge and even a simple boo from a moving statue on the lawn or mummy sitting on the front porch will have everyone jumping.

If you are looking to scare the older kids, then wait a little longer before doing some of these pranks.  The younger children tend to go out the earliest and first and are often with their parents.  As you see the audience looking older then you can do more of your seriously scary pranks.  Very small children do not do well with frights! 

Smaller children do not go as far, usually just a few houses on the street.  If you know there are smaller children, maybe warn the parents of some of your Halloween pranks, they will appreciate the heads up!

Have a safe and happy Halloween this year.