Othello PlaybillWhen people think about November 1 they tend to focus on its post-Halloween status, its designation as All Saints Day, or, though they hate to admit it, the official start to the Christmas shopping season. But the first of November is more than just a day for children across the globe to recover from their sugar highs. Throughout history this day has featured monumental events which still reverberate through modern society. Here are ten such events which took place on November 1.

On this day in 1604, William Shakespeare presented the tragedy 'Othello' for the very first time. On the same day seven years later he premiered the romantic comedy 'The Tempest,' which some say was the last play he wrote. Save for 'The Real Housewives of the Renaissance,' which premiered a year later to dreadful reviews.

In 1783 the United States Continental Army was dissolved. The next day, then-General George Washington gave the first of many farewell addresses, predating the many farewell addresses of Brett Farve.

The first bare-breasted Zulu woman appeared in the pages of 'National Geographic' in 1896. Soon after, thousands of teenage boys became avid readers of 'National Geographic.'

Knute Rockne PhotoCredit: newsinfo.nd.eduOn November 1, 1913, Knute Rockne and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Army thanks to the use of the 1st forward pass. One week later Knute is credited with the use of the 1st 'Yawn and Stretch' pass on his girlfriend.

In 1927 production begins across all Ford plants on the new Model A. Prices start at about $500, which is about what you can get when you trade in most Ford vehicles today. If you're lucky, of course.

'Hustler' publisher Larry Flynt is born in 1942. Insert your own dirty nurse-doctor joke in this space.

Dewey beats TrumanIn 1948, President Harry S. Truman is re-elected in an upset over Republican candidate Thomas Dewey. On his Twitter feed, Truman wrote 'Who's President now, beeatch? #deweybeatstrumanhah

This date in 1959 marked the first time a hockey goalie wore a face mask in an NHL game. From this point on, hockey players aimed for more sensitive locations further south.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) introduced the first rating system in 1968 with the letters G, R, M and X. Kids who successfully sneak into the first X-rated movie are disappointed to see 'Greetings,' a Brian De Palma directed film starring Robert De Niro as one of three friends avoiding the Vietnam War.

And finally...

18 Cent Flower StampsOn this date in 1981, the U.S. Postal Service raises the price of a 1st class stamp from 18 to 20 cents. Thirty years later the Postmaster General blames this very small price increase as the reason they need to drop Saturday delivery.