There are so many different types of dancers from all types of backgrounds. A top 10 list of hot dancers could never be all-inclusive; however I have tried to get a nice variety of beautiful and talented dancers from a variety of dancing disciplines. Here is my choice for the top 10 hot dancers.

10. Gypsy Dancer

Hot DancerCredit:

This is one of the dancers in 2010 for the Gypsy Theatre at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Not only does she appear to be an incredibly talented dancer but she is also very beautiful.

9. Viviane Araújo

9. Viviane AraújoCredit:

Viviane Araújo is a famous and very talented actress and model from Brazil. She has received worldwide exposure in a variety of magazines, including Playboy. Viviane Araújo is also a great dancer. She may not be the best dancer in the world but when you combine her gorgeous looks then she definitely makes the top 10 hot dancers list. The picture above is of Arajuo at Carnaval in Brazil where she danced.

8. Lisa Gauyan

Lisa GauyanCredit:

Lisa Gauyan is one of the prettiest and most talented Asian dancers in the World. Can anyone say “Black Swan”?

7. The Beach Volleyball Sand Dancers

Beach Sand BabesCredit:

Here are some Chinese babes dancing in bikinis in between beach volleyball games during the summer Olympics. They are hot, talented, and very awesome. This entire group of dancing girls entertained the crowds and actually stole the show from the volleyball players.

6. Miami Heat Dancers

The Miami Heat dance team is full of very hot and very talented dancers.

5. Sixer's Dancers

All of these girls are very talented and beautiful. In this video they are rehearsing a new routine. Although they are simply practicing, the efforts they put forth show how very talented these cute dancers are. Although they are not flawless in their routine yet, they are pretty damned good. There is however no such thing as the perfect dance routine, as expert dancers will always make very small, albeit unnoticeable, mistakes when performing their dance routines.

4. Crazy Girl Dancer

It’s not that she is the hottest dancer, but she is so funny because she does her own thing. Her weird dancing combined with her natural looks that have not been affected by plastic surgery helps to make her one of the top 10 hot dancers. She does many recognizable dance moves and then combines them with her own fluid movements in to one very weird dance. Yeah she appears to be strange, but her unique style makes her one of the 10 hottest dancers.

3. Shahla

Shahla is one of the top belly dancers I the world. She is world renowned for her awesome belly dancing skills as well as her amazingly beautiful looks.

2. Brazilian Cutie

This girl has got great dance moves and a very hot and athletic body.

1. Anybody Who Dances

A DancerCredit:

The number 1 best dancer is anyone who dances. Dancing is fun, a great way to alleviate stress and also will help you to lead a physically and emotionally healthier life. If you have ever got up and danced then you classify as the top of the 10 hottest dancers.

Dancing is a way of life for many people, but for the rest of us dancing may simply be an occasional recreational activity or a way to feel more intimate with the opposite sex. Regardless of how much or how little you dance, you should pat yourself on the back if you have ever got up and wiggled your hips and not worried about what the other people watching may have thought.

Nobody knows the origins of dancing. Maybe it was a caveman and cavewoman that were showing affection by intimately dancing after successful hunt. There is however numerous forms of dancing that we do know the origins of. Regardless of the type of dancing you enjoy, it is important that you try out other forms of dancing. If you try Salsa dancing for the first time, you may find that you love doing it.

Never let you age, sex, gender, or body build interfere with your interest in dancing. You do not have to be a senior citizen to enjoy square dancing. You do not have to be a person of Latin descent to enjoy Salsa dancing. You do not have to be skinny and in shape to get your groove on at the club.

If you are a bigger sized girl who likes the club scene then you may enjoy Club Bounce. Club Bounce in New York is a dance specifically designed for larger women and the men who like bigger women. If there is not a club specifically designed for your needs and interests, then show up anyways and do your own thing. Others will soon follow, and you will eventually meet new people who share a common interest.

Dancing can take on many forms, but the basic core principle of dancing can be defined as “becoming one with yourself and others”. You do not have to have a partner to dance. If you want to meet a new partner then dancing is a very effective way at quickly gaining an intimacy with a stranger and this knowledge will help you to decide if this stranger is someone you would like to pursue further. Many successful marriages and families began when a young man asked a young woman for a dance.

Dancing can help you to lose weight, feel more confident around strangers, and to keep with an overall better lifestyle by allowing you to remain as healthy as possible. Dancing is one of the few art forms that is shared by every Country and ethnic group, regardless of which part of the world they are from. I bet if we ever get Aliens to visit Earth, they will have their own form of dancing that we can share in with them.Hit the club up or dance in your living room. Simply get dancing and enjoy of the most popular activities that is shared among everybody on earth.

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