Each year brings us not only new designs of current car models, but also various new models.

Here are the top 10 hot new car models.

Some of these cars would make a great addition to your garage. However, I am sure that there will be at least 1 or 2 cars on this list that is priced way beyond what you can afford. Even if you cannot afford some of the hot new cars it can still be a lot of fun to learn about them.


10. Chevy Malibu Eco

Chevy Malibu EcoCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2013_Chevrolet_Malibu_Eco_2SA_--_02-29-2012.JPG

The Chevy Malibu is not a new car model but the 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco features eAssist. This Chevy Malibu Eco automatically switches between using gas and the conserving gas and running on the lithium-ion battery when fuel is not needed. If you are idling in a traffic jam then the Malibu Eco will automatically switch over to the lithium-ion battery to conserve fuel and then will switch back to fuel when it is needed. When this occurs your windshield wipers, radio, and other electronic functions will continue to work normally. The only people who hate the eAssist technology are Big Oil companies because you will not have to waste as much fuel. This is done automatically for you with no switches to hit or buttons to push.

9. Buick Verano

Buick VeranoCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2012_Buick_Verano_--_2012_DC.JPG

The Buick Verano is a brand new car model that is very luxurious, yet costs less than a comparable Cadillac. People often think of getting a “Caddy” when they want a comfortable and luxurious car, yet the Buick Verano is an awesome alternative. It may not have the “cool name recognition” like a Cadillac does; however the comfort and styling of this car will definitely siphon some sales away from Cadillac. Granted this car is not as big as some Caddies but it will still draw a solid following.

8. Fisker Karma

Fisker KarmaCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hine/4173466674/

The Fisker Karma is a Hybrid sports car. It is one of the coolest looking production hybrids ever to be built. It can be used without fuel and simply ran on electricity, and then when you need a longer range it can kick over to fuel. Pricing for the Fisker Karma starts at over $100,000 in the United States. If you want a true exotic sports car and an environmentally friendly car that will use less fossil fuels than the Fisker Karma is a cool option if you can afford it.

Recently Pop music star Justin Bieber was photographed driving a Fisker Karma with Selena Gomez. You also may have seen the Fisker Karma being driven by the character Walden Schmidt on the television show Two and a Half Men.

7. Subaru XV Crosstrek

2013 Subaru XV CrosstrekCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2013_Subaru_XV_Crosstrek_--_2012_NYIAS.JPG

The Subaru XV Crosstrek is the replacement for the Subaru Outback Sport. People who love the traditional styling of the Subaru Outback Sport may not like the new styling cues of the Subaru XV Crosstrek, but the rest of the people seem to love it.

6. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model SCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dpstyles/3388224916/

The Tesla Model S is an electric car with a range of up to 160 miles. There is also a signature series that uses a battery pack that allows the car to go up to 300 miles! It is a very sporty looking car. Any electric car that handles like this car and can have a range of 300 miles is truly a hot car. The extended range that is possible with this electric car is what the future will soon hold for all cars. If Tesla can do this why can’t Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and the other car companies? Sure some of them have electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf but the range is severely limited, especially when compared to the Tesla Model S Signature Series.

5. Scion IQ EV

Scion IQ EVCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2007_Toyota_iQ-Concept_01.jpg

The Scion has been around in different models but the Scion IQ was not available in North America until 2011. It is a really cute car that gets good gas mileage. The Scion IQ EV is the elective version of the car and it will be available this year. With a range of 65 miles it will not go as far as the Tesla Model S on a single charge but the Scion IQ EV is much cheaper.

4. Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover EvoqueCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Range_Rover_Evoque_3-door_wagon,_prototype_(2010-10-16)_03.jpg

The Range Rover Evoque is a new smaller utility vehicle. Range Rover is specifically targeting buyers who do not want or need a full size Range Rover. The base model pricing begins at $44,000. The styling of the Range Rover Evoque is definitely cool and beats out all the other new car models for best styling.

3. Infinity JX

The Infinity JX is a mid-sized SUV crossover that is being sold for the first time this year. It is based on a similar platform as the Nissan Murano. This Infinity SUV Crossover has 3 row seating and has more than enough room and styling for any upper middle class family.

2. Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/autovivacom/6683553469/

The Subaru BRZ is a true sports coupe. You can buy the Subaru BRZ in either a limited trim or premium trim option. A limited trim option retails for just under $30,000. If you want a great sports car with superb handling then the Subaru BRZ is a great choice.

1. Pagani Huayra

Pagani HuayraCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PaganiHuayra.jpg

The Pagani Huayra is an Italian Sports car that will be released for the 2013 model year. It will cost over 1.1 million dollars to buy yourself one of these super cars. The Pagani Huayra has a top speed of 230 MPH and can go 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. This may be the sweetest of any cars released in 2012, and that includes the new Lamborghini.

The Pagani Huayra is one of the coolest cars and I would love to see a head to head track race between this car and the Lamborghini Aventador. Regardless of which super car won it would be an exciting race to watch. 

If you cannot afford a super car maybe you would like some Sports Car Art to hang on your wall