The rise and popularity of smart phones have created a new genre of games. These so-called casuals gamers may not be as hardcore as the World of War Craft; however these so-called causal gamers can still spend many hours each week playing their favorite mobile games. Here are the top 10 hot video games for mobile phones. Almost all of these games are also available to be played on tablets and a few can also be played on a computer.

I could not use images of the games because of copyright laws. Because of this I found images that I could use legally that are still related to the topic of the game. I hope you find some of the images below as amusing and interesting as the article itself, and that it will give you a good idea of what each game is about.

1o. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds(96779)Credit:

Angry Birds is one of the most popular and most addicting mobile phone games of all time. The newest incarnation in the Angry Birds series is the Angry Birds Space. Some of the physics are different; however it is just as addicting. If you do not have a higher end mobile phone than you may only be able to download the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, or the ever popular Angry Birds Rio. The popularity of this game is proven by all of the angry birds merchandise and apparel that is being sold at stores all over. The original Angry Birds can also be played online for free if you use the Google Chrome Browser.

9. Scramble with Friends

Gaming With 2 PhonesCredit:

This game is hugely popular with people of all ages. You make as many words as you can in a limited amount of time on the game board and then one of your friends then tries to beat your score. This is a fun game and helps people get bragging rights about who is the smartest among their group.

8. Glow Hockey

Glow HockeyCredit:

Basically this is just a glow in the dark style air hockey game for mobile phones, yet it is extremely addicting. This is the sports games people love to play, even if they do not normally like sports games.

7. Rail Maze

Painting Of Empire Builder At Essex MontanaCredit:

This is a puzzle game involving building railroad tracks. Trains, pirates, and explosions help to make the one of the hottest mobile video games.

6. Roller Coaster Creator 2


The only thing more fun than riding in a roller coaster is to actually design a rollercoaster and then see how it performs. The only reasons this game is not more popular is because you phone must be able to use Adobe Flash and a lot of phones do not have the capability of adding on Adobe Flash. If it was not for this then this game would probably be the second most downloaded game of all-time.

5. Coin Dozer

Coin Pusher Arcade GameCredit:

You know the coin bulldozer games at arcades and in Las Vegas casinos? You drop a coin into a slot and it shoots it up. The coin then slides down and “pushers” push the coin forward. Hopefully it will land just right and then cause more coins to be pushed out into the win bucket. This is the same style of game except it is much cheaper. It is actually very addicting to try and get as many coins as you can. You can win prizes and then when you have all the prizes on a certain level you get a “power-up” bonus.

4. Phase 10

Phase 10(96785)Credit:

The classic card game has been available for a long time now on mobile phones and tablets; however they only had a paid version of the game app. Now this game is available for both a paid and free version and the popularity has shot way up.

3. Highway Drive

Cow in RoadCredit:

The popularity of racing games is at an all-time high. People love to drive exotic sports cars, even if it is just in a video game. Highway Drive provides a unique twist where you have to dodge cows on the highways that have gotten loose. You also need to help get the cows off the road, but you cannot hit them or you lose points. It sounds like a stupid game, and it is, but it is seriously a lot of fun.

2. Ceramic Destroyer

Salt and PepperCredit:

The addiction factor of Ceramic Destroyer can be compared to Angry Birds. If you have work to get done then do not download this game app becuas4

The addiction factor of Ceramic Destroyer can be compared to Angry Birds. If you have work to get done then do not download this game app because you will be wasting the next few hours away.

Each level features a different piece of a ceramic sculpture. You launch weapons out of a sling shot upwards and try to destroy as much of the ceramic sculpture as you can. You have to get at least 90% of the sculpture destroyed before you can advance to the next level. Each level gets progressively harder. Each weapon has different attributes and some of the levels are more puzzle like where you have to decide what order to use the weapons and how to use them in order to get at least 90% of the ceramic sculpture destroyed.

On a side note; the picutre above might be one of the coolest salt and pepper shaker sets I have ever seen. 

1. Draw Something by OMG Pop

Chicken CowCredit:

Draw Something by OMG Pop is a huge sensation. This game allows you to play interactively with your friends from your mobile phone. You simply draw something and then your friend tries to guess what it is. It is not what I would have foreseen to be a huge smash hit of a game; however the huge popularity of this game has made Draw Something by OMG Pop to be the current top game on the Android app market.

Now enough reading and laughing at the pictures. It is now time to go download a new game on your phone or tablet and see what all the rage is about when it comes to the popularity of these games.

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