Finding inexpensive and practical baby shower gifts can be difficult for those who have no experience with children. Even for those who have had children, it can be a chore wading through all the new gadgets and toys. Baby shower registeries can be helpful, however they are often sold out or empty by the time you want to buy a gift. The following list of 10 inexpensive and practical baby shower gifts is a great guide for the experienced and the inexperienced alike. Consider a gift idea from this list for the next baby shower you are invited to.

Disposable Diapers - Disposable diapers are a great gift whether the mom-to-be is planning on using disposables or cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are required for many daycares. Having disposable diapers on hand makes it a lot easier to keep a diaper bag stocked for trips around town. Consider gifting a few newborn size as well as a some in larger sizes so that the gift can be used as the child grows. Seventh Generation is a great brand to consider for anyone, especially those who are focused on the environmental impact of diapers.

6-9 month clothing - Buying clothing that is in the 6 to 9 month range will allow the baby to have something to grow into. Also, the mother will not have to try to go to the store for larger sized clothing if she already has some stacked in the closet and ready to go. You might even consider buying a few sets of 12-18 month clothing as well to keep the mother stocked up! If you are unsure if the mom-to-be will have enough storage space for planning ahead, you could write up a gift certificate (or purchase a gift card at Babies R Us) specifically for a certain number of outfits in each size.

Baby nail clippers - A baby's finger and toe nails grow at an alarming rate. They will need to be kept short so that the baby does not scratch themselves or others. No mother can have too many pairs of baby nail clippers. Baby nail clippers are small, so they are easily lost or misplaced. Consider buying a few pairs so that the mom-to-be can have them conveniently throughout the house.

Wipe Warmer - A wipe warmer might sound like a frivolous item, but when you have a newborn crying while being changed in a cold house, you might think differently! Consider popular brands like Prince Lionheart, Munchkin Warm Glow, Dex Products, and Combi. Most standard models will run you less than $25 on

Dreft Laundry Detergent - Who ever thought of buying laundry detergent for a baby shower gift? Someone smart, that's who! You will be the one who thought of everything if you present a bottle of Dreft Laundry Detergent as your gift. Dreft is specifically formulated to be used on baby's clothing. It is gentle enough for the most sensitive baby skin.

Infant Medication - Medications are always forgotten until it is 3am and the baby is sick! Prevent tired parents from making a trip to the 24hr pharmacy in the middle of the night by putting together a gift basket of the most popular infant medications. Medications like Tylenol for a fever, Mylicon or Colic Calm for gas, Pedialyte for electrolyte replacement, Desitin cream for diaper rash, and Orajel for teething can be a lifesaver.

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator - Semi-disgusting? Yes. Super-helpful? Yes! The Snotsucker is a nasal aspirator that was developed by doctors for keeping babies naturally snot-free. It comes in a small case that is easy to put in a diaper bag. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The Snotsucker is also BPA and Phthalate free - a big plus for those concerned about how chemicals affect our bodies.

Spa Gift Certificates - Whether or not the new mom is comfortable leaving her baby right away, at some point she is going to be ready for some rest and relaxation. A visit to a local spa and a promise of free baby sitting might be just the thing needed after a months of sleepless nights. Just make sure that any gift certificates that you buy do not expire - you can't force a mother to leave her child before she is ready.

The gift of food - If you live close to the mom-to-be, consider making up a few meals that can be easily reheated. There will be no time for cooking or washing dishes, so make it something easy. If you can't cook for them yourself, get some gift certificates for local restaurants that will deliver. Picking up the phone and then answering the door will be a lot easier than trying to make a meal with a fussy baby around. If you have a large social circle, you could even organize to have a different friend bring over dinner on a regular basis for the first few months.

The gift of time - Every mom of a newborn would appreciate 5 minutes of time to themselves. Make it happen by baby sitting for 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. Of course, plan it out with the new mother first, but this will be a great time for her to take a shower or a nap or just sit in a quiet place and read a book. She will also enjoy your company after spending her days alone with the new baby. Make gift certificates for 2 hour increments and present them with earplugs and a box of her favorite tea. Let the new mom know that you are ready for her to cash in her certificates whenever she needs it!