Interviews differ from company to company and depending on the required job descriptions, it may be a rigorous and a long process before clinching that dream job. That is why one you should always be prepared for an interview, especially when interviews are the first time you get to meet the prospective employers.

Once you are well prepared for the interview, you will then be able to sell yourself to them, an ability that is important ability in this process and here are a few tips for you.


  • Research on the job & company

Effort and time needs to be put in this area. Being a valued employee, one must be fully aware of your expectation and of course how you can provide additional service to the company and grow your worth.

Knowledge of company’s background is a must. E.g. Nature of business, motto, management team, etc. 

Run a search on Google; find out what is the industry standard salary for your job. Using the data, range-bound your salary expectations according to your own experience and credentials.

  • Practice

With the Q&A, practice with your buddy or family. This is to prevent you from getting too nervous during the interview. Try it with 2 or 3 interviewers, getting used to the pressure is very important. Start with a nice and firm handshake. If you have sweaty palms, please wipe it dry before entering the room. Maintain eye contact with your interviewers 95% of the time, don't stare at them. Look at them in the eyes sincerely when you talk and smile after you have finished the sentence.

  • Look Good!

Spend some bucks; get yourself a nice fitting smart work-wear. Tailor-made them if you are able to afford it.Well worthwhile! Also, a decent looking dress-watch would be a plus. 

Get a nice decent haircut, apply some cologne and present yourself with a smile!


Now that the essential research have been done, the next steps will be relatively easy.

Knowing what kind of questions to expect and preparing them. Of course these are model Q&As. If you can come out with an answer differently and convince them, you are a talent among all the other job-seekers, it would be great! Here is the list.

  1. Tell me about yourself. E.g. previous job, family, etc
  2. Why did you apply for this job?
  3. Tell me what do you know about this position you are applying for? Do you know what is expected of you?
  4. Since you like this job, why didn’t you join competitor A. Why our company?
  5. Tell me more about our company. What are your views on it?
  6. What can you bring to the company?
  7. Propose a new idea/plan to bring more business to the company.
  8. What are your strength and weaknesses?
  9. Scenario based questions related to the job and position you will be applying for
  10. Why should we employ you?

In conclusion, being well prepared and having a good knowledge base about the job is very important to the success of the interview.  Do appear to be confident yet humble and be receptive to feedbacks. Also beware; there is a fine line between confident and arrogant.

With that I am signing off and best of luck to you! Don’t only do what you love, love what you do as well!

Your hired!