10 Must See Kids Moves of 2013

Manual Film ProjectorCredit: Mattia Luigi Nappi on Wikimedia CommonsEveryone loves a movie, be they 2 or 102, age doesn't matter. Although everyone does have a preference of what kind of movie they'd like to watch for entertainment they find enjoyable. Which is why its always nice that there's a large collection of movies in various genres to choose from and those libraries are growing ever larger each year, every month with the newest releases whether in theatres or direct-to-DVD and direct-to-TV.

Children of course, for the most part enjoy colorful and animated characters over action packed live action movies. This is what the movie producers, directors and storyboarders know and thus create toward catering to an ever growing demand of kids movies, because there is always going to be children and some will remain kids at heart long after they've reached adulthood. It is for this demographic that movies geared towards kids are produced.

10. Monsters University

Monsters University shows us the lives of Mike and Sully, before the events which took place in Monsters Inc. Those whom first saw Monsters Inc. have been waiting for a sequel, however while this is a prequel its sure to be fun for the whole family with the loveable, hilarious duo of Mike and Sully and their shennanigans at Monsters University. Back when they weren't the frightening creatures that they latter became although of course those whom have already seen Monsters Inc. know how that ends.

This interesting fabric of time for Mike and Sully should be planned well in advanced so that once one gets home they can then watch their copy of Monsters Inc. and make a mini-marathon of it on a Family Night or spontaneous kids-night-out, with parents present depending on the age of the individuals wishing to watch the movie on the big screen come Summer 2013.

Monsters University Teaser

9. Phineas and Ferb

Coming in 2013, Disney will put on the big screen a 2-D animated movie, Phineas and Ferb. 2-D movies haven't been on the big screen in a long time, becasue they're just not as popular as 3-D or live action movies. Whether or not the movie will prove to be a complete flop or exceed all expecations remains to be seen. However, it is evident that the popular series Phineas and Ferb on television may garner enough interest and kids begging their parents to go see the movie. Perhaps the largest draw to the show might just be Perry the Platypus. Whatever the case, its one of the Top 10 kids movies of 2013.

If your kids, or any kids in your family enjoy Phineas and Ferb, it'll be a treat for them to see their beloved characters on the Big Screen. For this event one might wish to purchase them, or if they have them already to wear, some character t-shirts. It might not seem that they'll enjoy the movie more with them, but it might just make them a bit more excited. Perhaps even have them wear them without letting them know just where you're going that day until you get there. If there's away, buy the tickets in advance to surprise them with a fun night out at the movies, especially if they've been good or their birthday is near.

What is the Phineas and Ferb Movie About?

8. Despicable Me 2

For children and even the adults who enjoyed Despicable Me and have waited for a sequel, you're in luck, because in the summer of 2013 Despicable Me 2 is coming out and ready to capture its audience once more with a villian gone nice. One wonders what did ever become of the main character of the film. At least it looks like we'll all find out come July 2013. It is yet another kids movie not to be missed and should be fun for the whole family to while away over an hour of time and after as a family one could go eat dinner and discuss the movie.

While entertainment may be great and keep kids from droning on and on over and over again about being bored, its also a good idea to spend time with the members of ones family when each person can actually talk.

Now there are chatterboxes, some kids and teenagers talk way too much and therefore not only do the adults have a difficult time getting in a word edgewise, it leaves the others out of discussing the entertainment everyone just enjoyed. Which may or may not lead to a withdrawn child who thinks what they have to say isn't as important as the chatterbox. So make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of time to talk. But while inside and watching the movie Despicable Me 2, everyone should be quiet so as not to disturb the other movie goers.

7. Despicable Me 2 Teaser

6. The Smurfs 2

About The Smurfs 2

6. Oz The Great and Powerful

Oz, The Great and Powerful may not be for little kids with the evil wicked witch and flying monkeys that appear far more frightening than those found in the classic Wizard of Oz movie with Judy Garland playing Dorothy. However children and adults alike will enjoy this film, or at least be curious enough to want to and go out and watch it, because they loved the classic Wizard of Oz. That, or they're simply drawn by how entertaining it looks in trailers and other previews at the start of other movies they've watched or will be watching.

Of course, there probably isn't going to be any Dorothy or Toto in Oz The Great and Powerful, because the events take place before Dorothy's arrival, because its about the Wizard himself. The one who helped Dorothy to leave and return home, or at least tried to after giving the Scarecrow his brains, the Tin-Man his heart and the Lion his courage all in a round about way.

There wasn't just one book on The Wizard of Oz, but fourteen altogether, of which disney aquired the rights to thirteen of them in 1954.

In order to really enjoy the movies, both the classics and the new ones, one should read the Wizard of Oz book series, perhaps as a family before watching the film. That way one gets hours of entertainment - especially if as a family each person takes turns reading a paragraph or page aloud.

Trailer of the Great and Powerful Oz

5. Escape From Planet Earth

Who doesn't love a good alien movie? Many kids enjoy movies about aliens although it does get rather annoying and cliche that the government sees them as a threat and yet wants to dissect them if they do happen to exist. A sentinent being is a sentinent being and humans don't themselves want to be dissected.

Sure they might give their body over to science once they're legally declared dead, but then one needs to be careful with signing things just in case there are those who want to declare one deceased even if one is not in order to get the organs and whatnot one has. Well thats probably paranoia talking, but also one reason why there might not be as many organ donars as there could be out there.

Anyway it looks like this time its the Alien running for its life rather than trying to attack - at least by the teaser. One wont find out more until they go see the movie, Escape from Planet Earth. I'd certainly like to escape this planet and take two to six of every animal I could on a big spaceship and sail through the regions of the Universe. That would be very entertaining, wouldn't it?

I'll be rooting for the Alien, but what about you? That would be a nice conversation at the table before the movie among family and then see whether or not anyone changed their minds by the end of the film.

Escape From Planet Earth Teaser

4. Jack the Giant Killer

Originally the movie, Jack the Giant Killer was supposed to come out in June 2012, but the date was moved to March 22, 2013. It is the modern day telling of a fairytale that most, if not all will recognize as a rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk. It may not be for young kids, but older kids and adults will certainly be entertained by all the movie has to offer.

Its an action packed movie which boys will like and has a princess which girls will like. Unfortunately like many fairytales the princess is in distress and needs to be rescued. Perhaps viewers of the movie will be in for a surprise as a trailer can only show just so much of a movie to capture audience attention and get them hyped up to want to watch it.

Trailer for Jack the Giant Killer

3. Turbo

Turbo is a snail who wants to race. Well when one thinks about it, one knows the phrases you're as slow as a snail or crawling at a snails pace. Snails aren't fast, but it looks like Turbo is going to prove us all wrong. Or perhaps its a race between snails, don't you wonder what Turbo speed is for them? It seems we wont know more until an official trailer has been released and the movie is out for our viewing pleasure. In any event kids are sure to get a kick out of the movie.

2. Frozen

In December 2013 Disney will be coming out with the title Frozen which is their rendition of The Snow Queen.

While Disney is famous for the Disney Princess Franchise and creates a lot of fairytales they still need to add more diversity, including QUILTBAG fairytale couples with happy endings. While that may not be in store in the foreseeable future, perhaps another production house will see fit to target that particular audience and any others which are being overlooked.

Frozen is certain to be a hit among kids, both boys and girls of any age. How much it will resemble the original fairytale is yet to be seen.

Information on the Movie Frozen

1. The Croods

Dreamworks appears to have outdone themselves with The Croods, but will the whole movie live up to their trailer? Only time will tell when finally the movie is out for our viewing pleasure. Then we can all make a more informed decision. It seemes like a movie that all ages will enjoy with its adventure packed storyline and interesting characters and it looks like it'll have a strong female lead which is always nice.

The Croods Trailer

Entertainment at its Best

Many of the childrens titles listed above in regards to kids movies are being produced by Disney. They really do hold a monopoly on at least children's entertainment of all ages. It would be nice to see another entertainment studio step up to the plate and give them a run for their money, although I myself do love disney, don't you? But at times they seem to be lacking something too. However a lot of the titles that they'll be coming out with in 2013 would be great to add to a collection of DVD's to watch right on a television and DVD combo. Particularily The Croods which looks like a movie that could be watched over and over again without losing its appeal, like the first Shrek movie.