In March 2012, I stumbled across an ingenious website entitled "Edison Nation". For those that don't know, Edison Nation is essentially an innovative idea in its own right which serves as a platform that allows everyday "Joes" the opportunity to submit their ideas in order to undergo an 8-stage process of evaluation, research, and product development. Anyone can essentially join the website and submit their ideas for a very low cost/barrier of entry in order to tap into a collective pool of some of the most successful and creative minds in the industry. Where funding and resources may be limited to someone with a deep-founded passion and an idea, Edison Nation brings these very things to the table.

At the time of this writing, I have personally submitted two ideas which have made it to the 3rd level of consideration and evaluation by the Edison Nation experts. Whether these ideas "stick" or not, I have compiled this following list in order to highlight some of the awesome inventors inventions that have been birthed as a result of Edison Nation's ingenious collaborative and innovative business model. The success of these inventions have proved to myself, and others, that it is really possible for everyday joes to realize success if they work hard enough, are resilient enough, and want it bad enough. While not displayed in any particular order of importance, I must say that all of these inventions and inventors have served as great inspriration to me as I proceed with this aspect of my entrepreneurial journey.

10. Mister Steamy- Ric Payne & Will Howe

The Mister Steamy is an ingenious design to cut down on wrinkles on your clothing. You simply fill the ball up with water and place it in the dryer with your clothes. It works as steam cleaning would by keeping your clothes wrinkle free. The Mister Steamy is much cheaper and more convenient than visiting the Laundromat to get your clothes steam cleaned. You can easily cut down on wrinkled clothing without having to iron by using the Mister Steamy. These two inventors were featured during season 3 of Everyday Edison’s. Their product has been advertised nationally on infomercials and has been sold in numerous retail stores.

9. Kitchen Bag Storage Filler- David Belmonte

9. Kitchen Bag Storage Filler- David BelmonteCredit:

David Belmonte created one of the simplest yet very useful inventions for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The Kitchen Bag Storage Filler makes it extremely easy to fill Zip-Loc bags without holding the bag. How many times have you spilled stuff trying to fill a Zip-Loc bag? This is one of those inventions that all of us should have thought up, but none of us did and now David Belmonte will be earning a lot of royalties on his product for the next 20 years.

8. Wheelchair Covers- Anne Daniels

8. Wheelchair Covers- Anne DanielsCredit:

Sure Fit was looking for product ideas using existing ideas. EdisonNation held the competition on behalf of Sure Fit Slip Covers. Anne Daniels had some great ideas for using their products for wheel chair covers. Her design idea worked perfectly and Sure Fit began using her idea to sell a variety of wheelchair covers on their website. Anne Daniels will receive royalties for her idea for the next 20 years.

7. Eggies

Hard-boiled eggs are extremely popular to cook; however people hate having to fight to get the egg shells off. Betsy Kaufman had an idea and followed through on it. The end result is the Eggies invention. Eggies allow you to break open an egg into the plastic case and then boil it. It is an extremely simple idea yet it works amazingly well. Eggies have been an extremely popular item.

6. Workout 180- Jennifer Holloway

Jennifer grew up as an overweight teen on a farm. She went on to exercise consistently and lost a lot of weight. After losing a lot of weight she went on to become Miss Georgia. Jennifer lost her weight by simply working out a lot. The problem she ran into is extremely sore joints. In order to be able to exercise while minimizing joint soreness she developed the Workout 180 exercise system.

5. Kobalt Mortar Hoe- John and Bill Murtaugh

5. Kobalt Mortar Hoe- John and Bill MurtaughCredit:

John Murtaugh had an idea for a mortar mixing tool that would work much more efficiently than traditional designs. Before John Murtaugh could get his product manufactured he passed away. His son Bill and some other family members stepped in and continued pitching the invention. The Kobalt Mortar Hoe is now available for sale at Lowes Home Improvement stores.

Kobalt Mortar Hoe Featured

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4. Monster Pong- Matt Fleming

Master Pong is a new take on the classic game of Ping Pong. Master Pong can be played with up to 6 players simultaneously. Instead of a single table there are split tables and each table is angled.

3. Foldable Baking Pans- Phil Avery

3. Foldable Baking Pans- Phil AveryCredit:

The simplicity of this design helps to encourage other people to look for their own ideas and to create new products. Baking pans are a necessity in any household, yet storing them can be hard. If you are limited on space you can struggle to put your baking pan away or you can simply fold it up and easily slide it into the storage space. When Phil Avery created this product he wanted to come up with a baking pan that works the same as a top of the line traditional baking pan, yet be able to cut down on the clutter in his kitchen. Phil Avery succeeded on both goals and this simple idea is sure to make him rich.

2. Total Wrench- Herb Hart

2. Total Wrench- Herb Hart

Herb Hart developed the Total Wrench System on season 3 of Everyday Edison’s. His invention is of the Total Wrench allows it to take the place of 24 regular wrenches. If you are short on space but need a variety of wrench sizes then the Total Wrench is designed for you. Bikers love the Total Wrench because they can simply carry the 3 Total Wrenches instead of a regular wrench set which is much heavier and take sup more room.

2.Emerycat -Michael Diep

Michael Diep developed the Emerycat product. The Emerycat works to help dull the claws of cats and to keep them trimmed. Trimming cat’s nails can be hard if the cat will not hold still. It can also be unsafe if the cat moves and you clip the nails to short below the blood line. The Emerycat works as a toy for the cat. Cats love to use the Emerycat and while they are playing with it their nails are taken care of naturally. The board is very sturdy and is laced with catnip to help attract the cat.

Michael Diep developed this product on the second season of Everyday Edison’s. If you watch the show then you got a good sense of how product development and improvement occurs. He continually revamped his design until he had a product that could be commercially successful. Today the Emerycat invention is sold on infomercials and well over 1 million have been sold so far.

1. Gyrobowl- Brad & Melinda Shepard

It is truly amazing that it took this long in our civilization for someone to think of this. Kids are always spilling their bowls of cereal and other foods. The Gyrobowl allows kids to walk around with their bowls and not have to worry about spilling it. The idea is actually pretty simply, but the execution of this idea was flawless. The Gyrobowl has become a top selling product and one of the most intriguing inventions for children of all time.

Brad and Melinda were tired of their child consistently spilling his Cheerios all over their car. Melinda had an idea for a spill proof bowl and shared her idea with her engineer husband. Together they developed the Gyrobowl and with the help of EdisonNation the product is now available in stores everywhere and is a very popular product with parents. Over 1 million Gyrobowls have been sold and sales continue to increase.