Top 10 Kitchen Essentials
These days people beleive that they need to have the best cooking electronics that are available. These items are costly and only take up space in your kitchen. There are really only a couple essential kitchen items that we need to have in order to get the job done. So its time to do some spring cleaning in your kitchen and make room for only the essentials.

Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

1. Chef's knife - This knife is great for almost everything. It can dice up garlic and cut through the toughest of meats.

2. Pairing knife- This knife is more precise then the Chef's knife. For example you can use this knife when you need to core an apple or when you need to take the fat out of your meat.

3. Large pasta pot- This pan is a must when boiling pasta or cooking up chili.

4. Cooking pan- This one pan can be used to roast potatoes or a whole chicken or bake a batch of cookies or biscuits.

5. Large skillet- This is one of the most useful pans in the kitchen. It is required when cooking most meats.

6. Small cast-iron skillet- This can be used for frying an egg, cooking fish etc. It is great for smaller jobs.

7. Saucepan- This is not only great to make sauces in, it also cooks rice, and boils most vegetables.

8. Cutting board- Use this in order to protect your countertops and keep them clean.

9. Measuring cups- As most recipes require you to measure your ingredients, these cups are very important to have.

10. Wooden Spatula- Spatula's are very handy to have in the kitchen. Wooden is the safest and won't scrape off into your foods like plastic spatulas tend to do.