Top 10 Lies About Writing And Online Publishing

  1. Easy: Writing is not easy. When you do become a writer you will find out that there are many better writers. If it was that easy everyone would be a writer and make a living doing it.

  2. Loads of Money: Most writers don't make money writing and it has nothing to do with their writing skills. You've got the artistic side to writing and then the commercial side. If you don't understand this, you better stick to reading instead and leave writing to those in the know.

  3. No Money in Writing: The fact that you don't make money writing doesn't mean others are not successful. No matter how well you write, you still need to learn the ins and out of monetizing.

  4. Adsense Not Worth It: This might appear to be the case but some people actually do well when they understand how Adsense works and are willing to abide by the rules. It's a give and take situation and you have to know how to milk the cow. Writing good articles is one thing, getting people to read your articles is a different chapter.

  5. Online Writing is Saturated: The internet is a blessing and a curse. It means everyone who can spell his or her name can just start to write. There is a lot or garbage on the internet but if you know the ropes, there is no reason why you can't write for a worthwhile niche. Furthermore, not everyone writing online does it for the same reason. Some do it for money, others as a hobby, others because they have to as part of a school project, etc.

  6. Real Writers Do It on Paper: You might belong to the group of those who feel accomplished getting their names in printed papers. Printed papers have history to its advantage but you can't compare the two. You do whatever works for you but you will be better off if you can combine both.

  7. Novel is for accomplished Writers: Wrong! Writing is subjective and an art that cannot be judged only on the merit of the writer. Writing a novel is not like blogging. You don't approach it like you would write for a newspaper. Anyone can write a novel and even accomplished writers still struggle to bring out something worth reading. The fact that a novel is worth writing doesn't translate to success. What is the point in writing if there is no one to read? Novice writers sometimes produced works that are far better than what old timers can do.

  8. Love Writing, in order to Write: Not quite. You need to have a reason to write. You need to have goals. If you love to write, it only makes it easier but it is not a means to an end.

  9. Get Better With Age: Writing is not like wine. You don't get better with age, you get better by writing and broadening your horizon. What and who determines when you do become a better writer? Success and money are not proofs of better writing. They sometimes only prove you are among the lucky ones and are commercially viable. You sometimes write better but get fewer readerships. Very subjective!

  10. Time: If you take your time, you will produce a better article. Wrong! Sometimes an article writing quickly and straight to the point might be more successful than an article that required more time. see more from Desperate Journalism.