This list is not presented in any particular order.

You are beautiful: This is in the list of top 10 lies women love to hear because it is very obvious. How many women would be displeased to hear their spouse say they are beautiful. This is a lie because sometimes your husband doesn't think you are beautiful. He will never admit it because he will not want to sleep on the couch. Even ugly women will love to hear those words: You are beautiful.

I miss you so much: This is another lie that women just love to hear. If you tell a woman you spent the whole day thinking about her, she will be very happy. She probably knows it's a lie but she doesn't care. Imagine you were about to call your business partner and you made a mistake and rang your wife instead. Don't act surprise! Just say, "Baby I don't have much time to talk, I just want to say I miss you so much". That is a big fat lie that women love to hear. She will love you for your mistake. The top 10 list of lies women love to hear will not be complete without men saying I miss you so much.

I can't live without you: This is such classic that makes the top 10 list of lies women love to hear. Oh! This is another good lie. It is bad to lie, but when your girl wants you to whisper sweet little nothing in her ears, you simply say, "I can't live without you darling". You probably don't deserve to get into heaven for such a lie. If your spouse wants you to lie to her, that is what you need to do.

I have never loved anyone like you: Women love to hear this lie particularly at the beginning of a relationship. You know it is a lie and she really wants to believe you. You are a match made in heaven. This lie should make the top 10 list of lies women love to hear because it is so blatant but very effective.

If you leave me, I will die: Men should be ashamed of this lie. Women should also be ashamed for loving such a lie. This sentence is so cheesy but very effect. This is one of those lies that are awash with hypocrisy. No matter how long you have been with your spouse, if you say those words to her, she will be happy and you might get lucky if you know what that means. This lie is terrible and is in the list of top 10 lies women love to hear because it oozes desperation.

I like watching girly films too: If you have been with your spouse long enough, you know women generally love girly films. Men will sit through the torture of a girly film if they know their spouse will allow their hands to rummage. If you cuddle up to her and tell her you really enjoyed the film, she will be happy because she thinks you are getting in touch with your feminine side. You know it is a lie and you already know that women love to hear those lies. Watching girly films is not really a lie but it does belong in the list of top 10 lies women love to hear because it can be fun and deceptive.

I love you so much it hurts: This is a disgrace but a very graceful lie. This lie is slick and to the point. It will melt the heart of even the most hardcore women out there. You girl might laugh of this lie because it sounds cheesy but it belongs in the top 10 lies women love to hear.

You are very intelligent: This is a two edged sword, but it can cut deep into the heart of your women. It is a lie but she doesn't care and neither should you. That doesn't mean women are not intelligent but at times you just wonder. This is a compliment and can also be an insult, if used judiciously, it can be a winner. The top 10 lies women love to hear will not be complete without this

I am only interested in your brain: This is a terrible lie. We all know what men want. When men are talking to a beautiful woman, they are not thinking about her brain. They are only interested in her… (not allowed to say that in front of the children)

I believe that a relationship should not be based on sex: Who ever invented this lie is a genius. Some women say men don't have emotions above the waistline. That might be true, but women still love to hear this lie. Maybe men do think with their little bit. In any case, you have a lie that fits into the top 10 list of lies women love to hear.