For some the use of motion detector lights around their home is a must seeming almost as important has windows and doors. For others though using specialty lights such as these has never entered their mind or if it has not long enough to actually buy them. Unfortunately these people don’t know what they are missing either that or they have don’t need them because they have the eyes of a cat and can see in the dark. Motion detector lights which are also commonly called motion activated or motion sensor lights have many excellent benefits that improve the ability to move about in the dark conveniently without the hassle of flipping light switches or remembering to leave a light on during the day so that it will be on when you return home at night. These lights can be used just about anywhere and come in so many great styles and designs that there isn’t anywhere you wouldn’t put them which brings us to the topic of this article. Of all the places that you can put these lights there are several that seem to be the most popular. So for those of you that haven’t already taken advantage of the benefits of these wonderful lights in your home and those that are just beginning to understand there many uses and want to know more I bring you the top ten places to plug in, screw in and install motion sensor lights around your home plus the type of product that best fits that location.



10) Frequently Used Room - Now some of the locations on this list some might not be for Leviton Motion Sensor Light Switcheveryone and this is one of them but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option. Those that have the right setup in their home can take advantage of a product called a motion sensor light switch or occupancy sensor. These are mounted in place of your typical light switch and turn on the main lights in the room. Now this could be the overhead lights or lamps plugged into a wall socket it doesn’t matter as long as they are connected to the switch. These switches are especially great when used in a room that you typically have your hands full when you enter the room like a kitchen or utility room. One negative of having this type of set up is that the lights are always going to turn on when you enter the room even if you don’t want them to. Unless of course you have bought a sensor that has an override switch which many higher priced models do.


9) Closets - Here is a great place to install a sensor because most of the time you have something in your hands whether you coming in to hang clothes or going out with them. Another reason is justFirst Alert Motion Sensor Light Socket about every home has that least one person that always leaves the lights on in the closet and another person always complaining about it, now the problem is solved. There are a few types of products that can be used in a closet one is the occupancy sensor from number ten and the other is a screw in motion sensor light. If you haven’t seen one these products are awesome first you screw into the light socket and then screw you light bulb into the unit it’s that easy. Now when you enter the closet the light comes on and then goes off after you leave.


8) Hallways - Hallways are an excellent place for motion sensor night lights especially if you live in the country where there are no outside street lights or other such lights shining through your windows. Just think of all the times you stumble down the hall in the middle of the night going to check on the kids or that sound on the other end of the house. It doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to use a night light that stays on around the clock.


7) Stairs - Even people that use motion detector lights all over their home never consider the GE Motion Sensor Night Lightstairs. Sure you can turn on a light but is it always necessary? A simple night like the one mention in number eight could also be used on staircase or they make wireless units that are long and run the length of the stairs. Kind of like the ones in a movie theater.


6) Basements - Basements are almost always dark and like other storage type rooms you have your hands full many of the times you enter or leave which makes it a no brainer. Just about any motion sensing product will work good here.    


5) Utility Rooms - Utility rooms are a lot like basements they seldom have windows there for are almost always dark. This is a great room for motion sensor light switch or the screw in type sensor. One thing about the screw in type sensors they can not be covered with any type of shade or globe because it blocks the sensor from detecting motion. 


4) Bathrooms - Here’s another location that is perfect for a motion sensor night light especially if it’s the master bath or the bathroom you always use when you have to go in the middle of the night.


            The last three locations are the most common places you will see outdoor motion sensor lights and they typically go hand in hand but not always.


3) Garages - Here is a very common place to have a couple different motion detectors. One is on the garage door itself, if you have a garage door opener they almost always have a detector built in. The second place a lot of people add them is to the outside of the building for security reasons to ward of unwanted guests.


2) Porches and Decks - At one time if you wanted a motion light on your porch or deck yoHeath Zenith Motion Sensing Security Lightu had to settle for the ugly security light style of light but that is no longer true. Now you can buy motion lights that look just like any other porch light whether it’s on the wall next to the door or on the ceiling. This is very nice for the looks of your home and convenient for you now there’s no more fumbling around in the dark trying to get the key in the lock.


1) Driveways - Driveways have got to be one of if not the number one location for motion detector lights and there are many reasons for it among them are safety, security and convenience. The most obvious reason this is the most common is this is the way you always come home. Security lights can be mounted just about anywhere near your driveway as long as there is a power source. Even if you don’t have a power source you can mount battery operated wireless lights or even solar lights the option are almost endless for this location.


            So now you know the top 10 locations for motion detector lights. If you would like to see a full line of all types of motion sensor lights has several to choose from. Hopefully this article has helped you or given you some lighting ideas to improve your home. One last thing the use of motion sensor lights can also save you money in the long run buy you not having the lights on all the time because now they will turn themselves off. How nice is that?