I always get flash backs of dark red lipstick stains on coffee cups from my grandmother when I think of lipstick. At the urging of a cousin I started to play with lipstick as I was promised the new lipsticks do not fade or come off like the lipstick of old.

It did turn out to be true but finding a lipstick that last all day is near impossible. I have tried them all. From store brands to exclusive online deals and found it to be a hit or miss process. Hopefully with my top ten best long lasting lipstick reviews 2012 can be the best year for your lips and you can avoid the painfully annoying search for the perfect lipstick!

NYX Round Lips

Being on the “cheap” end you might assume the product is poor quality. This is very untrue. Although after eating you may need to touch up over all this lipstick gives you great glossy lip color for an outstanding price.

Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color

Somehow this high-end lipstick cost less than many department store brands. One might be led to believe the quality would be inferior but that cannot be further than the truth. No “dry outs” or flakes, just long lasting color with shine is what you actually get. Just as promised!

Revlon Renewist LipColor

One of the greatest features of this product is its ability to moisturize while still giving the desired long lasting lip color. There are multiple colors to choose from, and is priced mid-range. Also, when using this lipstick you should be able to avoid having to apply chapstick or other moisturizers.

MAC Mattene Lipstick

Application is quick and the lipstick is extremely light. You will forget you are even wearing it! The finish never dries out and gives you a silky look for the entire day. The colors are a little duller than other brands but its staying power is unbeatable.

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color

Although one of the more pricey lipsticks you do get what you pay for. The product goes on smoothly and gives your lips a fuller, soft look. Unlike some of the lipsticks on the market this stick you can barely feel it on your lips but you still get great long lasting color. 

Neutrogena MoistureShine Soothing LipSheers

Even if this brand is not the longest lasting on the market you should get a full eight hours of coverage. Luckily the stick itself is very slim and will fit in just about any pocket for those times you need to reapply. As well as great looking shades you are also protecting your lips with sunscreen. This reduces cheapness, or damage to the area, and is a huge benefit that evens out the need for occasional reapplication.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipcolor

One applied you get a solid six to eight hours of rich color to your lips. This is even after a small meal and drinks. There is a multitude of colors that will enhance and moisten your lips with little to no effort on your part.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick

You will get fairly long lasting coverage with this brand of lipstick. I would not give it a “full day” coverage status, but with one touch up at lunch your lips will look great. The lipstick goes on smoothly and remains creamy. This will not dry out during the day! No need to worry about clumps or chapped appearances.

Clinique Almost Lipstick

They call it “Almost Lipstick” for a reason. Somehow Clinique has merged their lipstick ad gloss to create this great product. Since this is more of a lip stain than anything else it moisturizes and is extremely long lasting. One application really should last you all day. This is a great lipstick if you are on the run all day.

Nars Lipstick

Unless you are out swimming or running a marathon your lips will remain colored for well over eight hours without touchups or reapplications. Over the eight hours your lips will remain moist and soft yet hold the same color as the moment you originally applied it. All day, perfect color, who can ask for anything more!