Kids love getting mail. The next time you are searching for a kid's gift, consider buying magazine gift subscriptions for a young girl. There are a few things to keep in mind when gifting a subscription for a young person: the text needs to be easy to read, the content should be appropriate, photographs should be exciting, and the magazine should be interactive. Here is a list of the ten best magazines for young girls.

    • American Girl

      American Girl is easily the most popular magazine for young girls. There are no ads (though the articles sometimes promote the popular American Girls line of collectible dolls). Parents enjoy the fact that articles and stories do not revolve around pop culture and boys. The content of this girl's magazine focuses on uplifting stories and general tips for young people. The photography is above average and most girls who have a subscription can't wait for the next one to arrive. If you are looking for a cheap gift for a young girl, look first to a subscription to American Girl. This magazine comes six times a year and the subscription costs between $20-$25.

        • Discovery Girls

           Discovery Girls is a somewhat unique magazine that is like a general DIY for young girls. A good example of the content is this month's issue: articles on how to make your own bracelets, how to deal with embarrassment, favorite Halloween costumes, reader profiles, and more. This is one children's publication that in quite interactive: readers can enter into contests regularly, write in to be a featured reader and write in comments that will be printed. The imagery of the magazine is quite girly and pink. This magazine comes six times a year and costs between $20-$25 a year.

            • Hopscotch for Girls

              This magazine has no 'boy crazy' content and no advertisements. The magazine is strictly targeted to children and it has a number of different features: puzzles, crafts, contests, a pen pal club, science experiments and a ton more. This is an excellent gift choice for girls with parents who are not wild about pop culture exposure. This is also a great magazine for girls to take on trips because of the puzzles and interactivity. Hopscotch for Girls is published bi-monthly and costs over $30 a year.

                • National Geographic for Kids

                  National Geographic for Kids is an excellent gift for preschool aged girls. The animal pictures are awesome and the online content is exciting as well. Each issue not only highlights animals, there are also puzzles and games, pull-outs and posters, and fun features. For the animal loving young girl, a subscription to National Geographic for Kids is a great gift idea. Ten issues per year cost about $20.

                    • Girl's Life

                      Girl's Life magazine is geared toward Jr. High aged girls. The content focuses on current news stories concerning teenagers, issues facing young people such as how to talk to boys and fashion advice for young girls. Before buying this gift subscription for a young girl you know make sure they are of the appropriate age to be interested. Also, be sure the parents approve this type of content. This is a typical women's magazine toned down to cater to issues that Jr. High aged girls face. It is one of the most popular magazines of its type and the right girls will really enjoy it. Six issues a year cost about $15.

                        • New Moon Girls

                          New Moon Girls Magazine bills itself as "safe, educational, fun, ad-free". This is a highly interactive magazine for girls that enjoy creating and sharing. It features poetry and art work by readers as well as online content consisting of videos. Content also addresses building self-esteem and positive body images. This is one of the most highly recommended magazines by parents and would make an excellent gift for girls old enough to write, read and contribute to a magazine. Six issues a year usually runs about $35.

                            • Young Rider

                              Young Rider magazine is for horse loving girls who may or may not own and ride horses. In each issue, there are a few different tips and tricks related to youth horse riding and care. There are also short stories geared toward young girls and horses. This would be a good gift subscription for a Jr. High age child since the reading is a bit more advanced and the content is narrowly focused on horse riding and care. A years subscription (six issues) will only cost you $15.

                                • Highlights

                                  Highlights is a classic children's magazine that can be found at any dentist or pediatricians office waiting room. This magazine if full of fun games and puzzles. As such, it is best suited for kids who can read and write with moderate skill. If you are looking for a magazine that will give your child some to do and not just something to read then Highlights is just the thing. Keep in mind, kids quickly outgrow this magazine so be sure that the little lady who gets this gift isn't too old for the content. Twelve issues a year cost about $35.

                                    • Cricket

                                      Cricket publications offer a wide variety of literature magazines to cater to different ages of children. They have a list on their website that allows parents to find the right magazine to give. Their literature focuses on toddlers through teenage children. One of the Cricket publications would be a great gift for parents who want to read with their children. Nine issues are published each year and a subscription is usually $35.

                                        • Owl Kids

                                          Like Cricket magazine, Owl Kids offers magazines to cater to a number of different age groups.  Each issue features a theme and the editorial calendar is available for viewing on their website. Parents and teachers can see the curriculum links that each issue presents so they can explore the different ideas. This is a great magazine for girls who have parents that are interested in reading to them. If you happen to be buying for multiple siblings, check the different levels of magazines to get just the right one. Ten issues of OWL magazine come each year for a cost of $30.

                                          Most of these subscriptions can be had for less than $30 and they keep coming all year round. Consider these magazine gift subscriptions for a young girl you are buying for.


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