What is a Manga?

     A manga is a Japanese comic. It is read from right to left instead of left to right.

     Unless a manga has been translated into English or another language, anyone not familiar with hiragana, katakana and kanji will have a difficult time reading one. In fact, they wont be able to read one at all, because instead of the English alphabet they use symbols. Each symbol represents a sound. Each one has a meaning. However, many people enjoy the Japanese comic books, manga. Those who can read it, or at least they enjoy the translated versions which have been lisenced by publishers in their own countries.

     Japanese comics have a different art style in comparison to american comics, or other comics world wide. Manhua and manwha might be the only type of comic that has a similar artstyle.

     Manga which happen to become very popular are often adapted into drama CD's. If both the manga and drama CD's do well, then the manga may then be adapted into an OAV or a full anime series.

     An OAV is usually around only one to three episodes, possibly four, but rarely more. A full anime series season usually runs at least tweleve episodes and can be as long as twenty-six episodes long. There have however been cases where an anime season has been longer.

What are Magic Girls?

     Magic girls are exactly that, magic. They have magical abilities, which are used to help save the world. Often times at least one magic girl, whether they're on a team of other magic girls or not, will have an animal gurdian. These animal gurdians can actually communciate with them, because somehow they're able to speak and understand a human language. Sometimes the guardian might not be a real animal at all, but instead a mythological creature or a stuffed animal. Perhaps even a robot.

The Top 10 Magic Girl Manga's

1. Sailormoon

     Sailormoon was a manga created by manga-ka Naoko Takeuchi, which was a sequel to Code Name: Sailor V. Sailor V, in Sailormoon made an apperance as Sailor Venus. Each of the magic girls represented a planet, though other sailor scouts (senshi or soldiers) represented other celestial bodies of the universe.

     The story begins with the search for the moon princess when the evil that killed her and her soldiers first incarnations escaped from its prison. The sailor scouts wore sailor outfits which many schools in Japan use as the school uniform. They didn't really ever look different at all in teir costumes than without. The manga however had sailormoon wearing a mask, whereas the anime did not.

     While the story is about the struggle between good and evil in the universe, there's also a romantic subplot. One which is between sailormoon and one rose weilding masked man.


2. Princess Tutu

     Princess Tutu is about a girl named Ahiru (Duck in the english version) . However she's not really a girl, but a duck. A dreadful storyteller with an awful sense of humor gives a pendant to her which allows the duck to become human. As a human she can turn into the graceful ballerina, Princess Tutu.

     With her dance and the power of words she can stop a potentially dangerous situation from getting out of hand. There are however many obstacles in her way as she tries to find and return all the pieces of Prince Mythos heart to him. A young man named Fahkir is very much against this and he too has a part to play in the story.

     Princess Tutu however has an ending that no one sees coming, at least the anime portion does.

     This was an anime before it was a manga, which its usually the manga which is created before the anime. Not in all cases, such as Princess Tutu which when adapted into an anime was illustrated by Mizuo Shinonome. The series however was created by Ikuko Itoh a Japanese character designer and animation director.


3. Magic Knight RayEarth

     Magic Knight RayEarth is a manga created by the well known group C.L.A.M.P. It is a story about three girls who somehow manage to find their way into a different world, one parallel to their own. It happens while they're visiting Tokyo Tower. What they must do is save the pillar, Princess Emeraude from Zagato who was her priest. In the end however, what happens is unforseen, but in a way it is a happy ending bittersweet though it may be.


4. Prétear

     Prétear only has one magic girl who is connected to a number of men who give her, he powers when they are in their magic forms. The men are called Leafe Knights and are her protectors. While it does have a magic girl, it is also considered to be of the genre of manga and anime as a reverse harem. This manga was writen by Junichi Sato with illustrations by Kaori Naruse.


5. Wedding Peach

      Wedding Peach is a manga about devils and angels which was created by manga-ka Nao Yazawa and Sukehiro Tomita. The magic girls have two forms. The first of which looks like they're wearing school uniforms, though they don't look like the school uniforms they actually have to wear for school.

      Their second form however transfoorms them into brides. They're wearing wedding dresses, which is a bit odd considering how restricted their movements would be in the dresses when in battle.

      There are three other magic girls, besides the titular character, Wedding Peach. They happen to be the other Love Angels, Angel Lily, Angel Daisy and Angel Salvia.

      As with many, if not all magic girl manga, there is a romantic subplot between the titular character and a male with a larger role to play.


6. Petite Princess Yucie

      Petitie Princess Yucie which was drawn by Ramyuu Ryuuki is another magic girl manga. It, like many others have been adapted into anime. The story is about girls attending a Princess academy, although Yucie isn't actually a princess as far as anyone knows. Her past is a mystery as no one knows where she really came from.

      The princesses however who are trying to win the chance to wear an enchanted princess crown that they have to find the pieces to are being tricked. Depending on who wins the crown and what they wish for, things may not go so well for the people of the world.

      Unlike most manga, this manga was created after the anime, not before. Instead of the anime being an adaptation of the manga, it is the manga which is an adaptation of the anime.


7. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

      Now UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie is a bit of an odd magic girl manga, one which has also been adapted into an anime. The manga was created by manga group, Kaishaku. The manga is about a woman, a princess from outerspace named Valkyrie. Due to her saving the life of a man turns into a child. The only time she becomes an adult is when there is danger and she needs to fight. There is however only one way for her to turn back into her true age.

      She has several sisters, not all of whom are understanding of her, particularly not her sister Hydra.


8. Tokyo Mew Mew

      This magic girl manga which was written by manga-ka Reiko Yoshida is about five girls whose DNA has been fused with that of animal DNA. Not just any animal DNA, but that of rare animal DNA. DNA which gives them magicl powers and transform into what is called 'Mew Mews'.


9. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

      Manga-ka Michiko Yokote created Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, however the artist was Pink Hanamori. It is a story about mermaid princesses who need to use their pearls to summon a goddess in order to stop the evil which is plaguing their world beneath the sea.

      Unfortunately, the main character, mermaid princess Lucia entrusted her pink pearl to a boy she saved from drowning seven years prior to the start of the story. There are reasons why she cannot reveal who she is herself, because of a legend that could turn her into bubbles.


10. Yume Yume Yu Yu

      This manga was created by manga-ka Pink Hanamori. It is perhaps not yet as well known as the other aforementioned magic girl manga. It is about a clumsy girl who in a dream is told she has to be the next Miko. A Miko is a shrine maiden or priestest. The main character later crosses over into a different world through a portal where she learns more and starts her journey into saving the world.